Friday, April 1, 2011


After all the waiting, the near depression, the ups, the downs, the anxiety, the disappointment, all of the bad, the almost good, the change of decisions...dont' you love when things fall into place? It is such a test of faith to make a decision and go with it, hoping that it will be the right thing, but what helps that test to be worth it, is when a couple months later, the sun shines, and things fall into place. I am so greatful for these little tests of faith I've had throughout this last year, (sorry to my fam, and the roommates, and the friends for my mood, but hey, it's all good now) things that need to happen are happening!

(Also, a visit with #3 on my list of non-fictional people to meet might be in the near future. Cross your fingers)

(Also, listen to THIS right now. I'm sure your day is already going great, but this will make it even better.)

1 comment:

  1. Love the song :) DEFINITELY made my day better.