Monday, April 4, 2011

The One With All The Rugby

DISCLAIMER: This post involves childlike behavior. Remember those laughing circles? Where you lay on each other's stomachs and start with one "ha" and keep going around and around, and you only ever get to about 5 "ha's" and then you were just laughing hysterically? Yeah, I participated in one of those this weekend. And I learned I should definitely do that more often. After the initial laughter we ended up just laying there and talking for awhile, and it was very entertaining. If you are bored in a group of people, I highly encourage this.

  • Also HERE is your new Peeta, and HERE is your new Gale. Thoughts? I definitely approve of Gale, obviously. So now the hunt for other cast members, can't wait!

  • Interview done-one step closer.

  • HERE is the new Snow White for the version with Julia Roberts. She is Phil Collins daughter, and you may remember her from The Blind Side, yep?

  • Too bad we have to wait another year for these, and maybe an Ashton Kutcher/JB comedy? Yes please.


  1. I love Josh hutcherson! Those are perfect choices!

  2. Both those boys...babes. YES.
    I can't wait for the Hunger Games, it's about time!
    And they're making a Snow White??