Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dire Straits

Ever have those dreams where your real life oppinion of the person is changed because the dream seemed SO real? I had one last night. And I hate them. Last night Richard Simmons was a creeper-face. Sad day. But there was another one I had a couple months ago that weirded me out so much, that I will share it with you.

So there was a boy in one of my classes that sometimes sat by me, and we also studied together. He always asked me how my weekends went, and they were usually great and usually included seeing a friend who had returned from his mission. He would then always ask, "Are you gonna date him?" Out of habit, I always answer questions such as these with "Maybe." Because I have no idea if I will or not, it could happen right? Maybe.
Anyway, in my dream this kid was trying to get me to marry him, no, he was forcing me to marry him. I definitely did not want to. But there was hope! Seth Cope was on his way to save me! But, he did not get there in time like he was supposed to, and I had to marry him.
And then I woke up. When I awoke, I had two strong feelings within me: 1) why didn't Seth get there in time, I was really bugged, and 2) why did this kid want to marry me so bad. And then, for about a week, until we had a test and I needed his help with my studying, I avoided him at ALL costs. I couldn't even look at him because it gave me the willies. He really is a nice boy though, I just don't want to marry him, forced or unforced.

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