Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Princess Diaries

So, something very scary happened to me yesterday. I only had my 1:30 class, which was great because I stayed up and watched the Royal Wedding...which was AWESOME! And it made me very excited that I will be in London in just over a week, and it also made me kind of sad that I will only be there for about 10 hours, but as long as I can hit up a Pret A Manger for a ham and cheese pastry I'll be fine.

Yesterday I had 3 papers due. One of those needed to be taken to my 1:30 class. I was trying to be on top of things, and knowing that this week would be a little crazy, I wrote that paper last Friday, typed it up, and saved it onto my flash drive thing so I could print it out later. I went up to the English lab early, like 12:45, but I had other things I needed to print off, so I didn't immediately go to my Lucky Jim paper.

But when I did go to my Lucky Jim paper, what did I find? NOTHING! Just a blank document. BUT, luckily, I write all my papers down, and then type them, and luckily, I had the right notebook in my backpack. There wasn't much time before class, so I quickly typed it up. But once I got it typed up and printed out...there were no staples! There are usually like 6 staplers next to that printer, and of course, there was only one there, and it had no staples. So I grabbed a piece of tape, and taped it together.

I ran, yes, ran all the way to my next class because I was late. That means I ran across the quad, and up two flights of stairs. Then I told my class the entire story, the hung on my every word. And then my teacher asked if the boy on my shirt was my boyfriend, I told him I wished. Then my teacher told me he loves his movies. I was wearing one of my Harry Potter shirts. Yes, one of them, I have 4.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You know what happens today(ish) people. I will take a nap, write a stupid paper, eat lunch with a friend, probably watch Grey's Anatomy (there is a new one on finally) and then write more of that stupid paper, and about 2 a.m.-BAM!


Definitely my favorite quote of the week has been "Is that Royal Wedding Week approved?"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cemeteries of London

So here's the plan:

  • May 8th 11:15 a.m.-Leave Salt Lake City

  • 3:20 p.m.-Arrive in Chicago

  • 6 p.m.-Leave Chicago

  • May 9th 7:50 a.m.-Arrive in London

  • Spend the next 12 hours in London

  • 8 p.m.-Leave London

  • May 10th 6:30 a.m.-Arrive in Kenya

  • 9:05 a.m.-Leave Kenya

  • 10:20 a.m.-Arrive in Uganda

We'll see how that goes. But I can't wait. I got my shots, ouch, 3 in each arm, plus some oral immunizations, plus allergie meds (spring is here, even if it is still snowing a little), plus ibuprofen to deal with sore arms...we'll just say I took a very long nap yesterday to help my body deal with what was goin on in there.

Also, someone left a Justin Bieber movie on my porch. I would like to know who you are, so please tell me so I can express to you in person how much I love you. And I think the universe really wants me to watch the Royal Wedding, because all my classes have been cancelled on Friday except for one, and that is at 1:30 p.m., AND, I have already written my paper that is due. Fantastic. Just rockin' out to my Royal Wedding Week approved Coldplay. NBD. And incase Caroline Reale is reading this, I love you cuz.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Who'd Have Known

I wonder if Sir Elton cried when he heard this finished product for the first time after writing it? I do everytime...almost.

Also, it's Royal Wedding Week! We have a newly instated rule in our apartment, only British music this week. We're doing well so far with Adele and Lily Allen. We've also got some good specials and royal-related movies in our plans. Happy Wedding!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Give A Little

This happened last year, the week before finals week in a spring storm.

I took this picture out of my front door. This tree could have fallen right into my room.

This happened over the last weekend, in a spring storm.

See that brick wall? That's my house. You know what is at the other end of this house, very, very near to where the tree fell? You got it. My room. I could've died.

Madeline, I think we're lucky to be alive.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Princesses

I am getting very, very excited for the Royal Wedding. Too bad I didn't win any of the contests I entered to be there next weekend. But a week from today my roommates and I will be moving our beds into the front room, and stocking up on some royal treats, and spend the night watching all the coverage we can! What a way to celebrate the end of classes!

Apparently my dad has joined the obsession of the wedding at my house, I knew it would hit him one of these days.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The First Single

Tuesday, April 18 at 12:00 a.m. was a moment we have all come to dread. Registration. So, Sunday night I prepared a little list of some of the classes I need to take, thanks to Susie, my advisor, I have a pretty set out list of what I need to take semester-by-semester until graduation (a long time away) so this wasn't too hard. And then, true to my brain these days, completely forgot about it, until Tuesday morning about 8:25 a.m. while I was still in bed.

The night before I went to bed about 11, pretty much like every other night, totally forgetting what needed to be done. Come 8:25 that sinking feeling hit, and I remembered registration. I jumped out of bed, and ran to the front room where my computer was in its usual spot on my floor. Guess who else had just run frantically into the front room to her computer? Heidi. Yes, we both completely spaced registration and went to bed. We hurried and got into the classes we needed, laughed a little about it, and then she went to class and I hopped into the shower.

Before going to class, I read some other blogs, and glanced through the news feed on fb, and found out that pretty much no one was able to register at midnight. I got to school, and that was all anyone was talking about, apparently the server had shut down. Once it hit about 2 a.m., most people just went to sleep, deciding to just try in the morning.

So the moral of this story is that in lieu of Heidi's and my own mistakes, we actually came out on top. We got into all the classes we needed, and got about 3 more hours of sleep than the rest of those in junior class standing.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear John

I am currently in the middle of the most ridiculous assignment I have possibly ever had. Lemme explain it to you:

  1. Pick a word that has 2 meanings.

  2. Pick 2 audiences.

  3. Now, describe the audiences.

  4. Pick 1 of the meanings to define to the 2 audiences.

  5. Oh wait, the descriptions must be a paragraph long, or 5 lines.

  6. And, the 2 different definitions of the 1 word to the 2 described audiences, must be 2-3 pages long, each.

  7. And remember that the 2 different definitions are of the same 1 meaning.

  8. And then write a memo telling about the experience.

  9. Seriously??

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dire Straits

Ever have those dreams where your real life oppinion of the person is changed because the dream seemed SO real? I had one last night. And I hate them. Last night Richard Simmons was a creeper-face. Sad day. But there was another one I had a couple months ago that weirded me out so much, that I will share it with you.

So there was a boy in one of my classes that sometimes sat by me, and we also studied together. He always asked me how my weekends went, and they were usually great and usually included seeing a friend who had returned from his mission. He would then always ask, "Are you gonna date him?" Out of habit, I always answer questions such as these with "Maybe." Because I have no idea if I will or not, it could happen right? Maybe.
Anyway, in my dream this kid was trying to get me to marry him, no, he was forcing me to marry him. I definitely did not want to. But there was hope! Seth Cope was on his way to save me! But, he did not get there in time like he was supposed to, and I had to marry him.
And then I woke up. When I awoke, I had two strong feelings within me: 1) why didn't Seth get there in time, I was really bugged, and 2) why did this kid want to marry me so bad. And then, for about a week, until we had a test and I needed his help with my studying, I avoided him at ALL costs. I couldn't even look at him because it gave me the willies. He really is a nice boy though, I just don't want to marry him, forced or unforced.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Time

So sometimes embarrassing things happen to me, like once I was with a large group of people walking through Temple Square looking at the lights. My friend Ashley's fiance (they weren't fiance's then, but they are now) was wearing some newish red Vans. I commonly wear my red Vans, but they aren't newish. I walked up to him and said, "Look! Matching shoes!" and then I looked down at my feet, with Kevin, and everyone in about a 20 foot radius of us. I was not wearing my red Vans, I was definitely wearing my black ones. I then told everyone how embarrassed I was as we all laughed (yes, I am definitely able to laugh at myself). He said he liked me even better than before because I had done that, and then we took a picture because for some reason I wanted to remember that moment. And today, I did remember it, and then blogged about it. I wonder if any of those people remember?

-Also, remember how yesterday I was thinking about penguins? Well today Christina Perri released a new song called, yes, you guessed it "Penguins."

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mansard Roof

This morning as I was driving down Val Verda in Bountiful on my way back to Logan, I saw a raven like bird perched atop a telephone pole. But it was sitting in such a way it looked like a penguin, I'm dead serious. It was so strange. This made me think of another time a penguin was thought to be spotted.

There were a few of us in the car, it was around 3 in the a.m., we were on our way home from the midnight-ish showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We were driving on Bountiful Blvd parallel to the golf course, barely north of your house Ashley, when an animal joined us on the road. We could see its glowing eyes, the white of its belly, and the black of the remaining body. "Oh my heck!" one of the travel companions yelled (take a guess who) "It is a penguin! On the road!" We screamed, we yelled, we got closer, we saw that it was actually a dog. But in the companions defense, from straight on in the dark of the night, it did kind of look like a penguin.

And one time, I did see a real life penguin, in the wild. That was cool. Maybe the best part of the trip, well, second best to Narnia. I sure do love traveling. I also love my sisters, even though they are kinda weird. I also love Richard Simmons, and the veggie-porn picture my sister has of him, and I am sad we didn't make it to his Slimmins class on Thursday, but it's ok, it was mom's birthday, I'm sure she would rather be anywhere but there, but at the same time, THIS could have been her.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The One With All The Rugby

DISCLAIMER: This post involves childlike behavior. Remember those laughing circles? Where you lay on each other's stomachs and start with one "ha" and keep going around and around, and you only ever get to about 5 "ha's" and then you were just laughing hysterically? Yeah, I participated in one of those this weekend. And I learned I should definitely do that more often. After the initial laughter we ended up just laying there and talking for awhile, and it was very entertaining. If you are bored in a group of people, I highly encourage this.

  • Also HERE is your new Peeta, and HERE is your new Gale. Thoughts? I definitely approve of Gale, obviously. So now the hunt for other cast members, can't wait!

  • Interview done-one step closer.

  • HERE is the new Snow White for the version with Julia Roberts. She is Phil Collins daughter, and you may remember her from The Blind Side, yep?

  • Too bad we have to wait another year for these, and maybe an Ashton Kutcher/JB comedy? Yes please.

Friday, April 1, 2011


After all the waiting, the near depression, the ups, the downs, the anxiety, the disappointment, all of the bad, the almost good, the change of decisions...dont' you love when things fall into place? It is such a test of faith to make a decision and go with it, hoping that it will be the right thing, but what helps that test to be worth it, is when a couple months later, the sun shines, and things fall into place. I am so greatful for these little tests of faith I've had throughout this last year, (sorry to my fam, and the roommates, and the friends for my mood, but hey, it's all good now) things that need to happen are happening!

(Also, a visit with #3 on my list of non-fictional people to meet might be in the near future. Cross your fingers)

(Also, listen to THIS right now. I'm sure your day is already going great, but this will make it even better.)