Saturday, July 30, 2011

2011 Swimming World Championship

So I have this friend named Kevin D. Larson. He says the "D" stands for DANGER, whatever. So everyday in Uganda something would happen to Kevin that would prompt us to say "poor ol' Kev!" Some of these things: his head almost got cut off by a taxi, he got food posioning while staying in a remote village, while throwing up with said illness a giant mango dropped right on his head, he got malaria AND typhoid at the same time, and many, many more. The latest to hit him (he is still there for another month) is an ulcer on his esophagus from not swallowing pills properly.

So, altogether now...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Vogue Diaries


Oh, I guess I did make it there.

They're in a gang.


This is the "Kamille smile"

I call this the "over achiever" picture. Look at all those cords and medals.

I just think the whole world needs to see this picture, my dad claims he "carried" Tanner through high school...whatever, pretty sure Tanner handled high school just fine on his own (cough cough 35 on the ACT cough cough).

You can see where we got our good looks, obviously.

I was sad I had to miss this huge night in her life, but I made up for it by purchasing an awesome Royal Wedding satchel. These were some of the better moments they caught.
Congrats Kait!

Then the lucky duck jetted off to Greece for a week.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Machine Gun

It happened again.
Me: "So, are you still dating that boy?"
Girl at Work: "Actually, I broke up with him last night."
Me: (in my head) "Whoops, my bad."

3 out of 5 times I ask this question, this is the response I get. Yep.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Like a G6

This last week I was in Lake Powell with my family, my dad's friends from high school, and their families. It is always fun to see how my dad, his friends, and all their wives all act. They wake up at the crack of dawn to go skiing (while the water is still good), and they don't invite us. They are always on the go, and when they spot us sitting in the sun reading a good book, they always ask "Why?" and preceed to tell us to go do something. There is always laughter, hilarious stories of the past, and finding joy in the moment. Oddly enough, times spent with my friends remind me exactly of this...and I love it. Maybe one day my family and the families of my friends can all go hang out for a week, while having a blast of course. Duh.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All Day

Yesterday my childhood ended. Yep, I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Finally. I had to wait three days because I was in Lake Powell (which was awesome by the way). The movie was amazing. I love Harry Potter so much. I'm still pretty much in shock that it is all over. All. Over. It's crazy! (I really wanted to say "crazy sauce" right there but I just read an article which quoted a tweet from Vanessa Hudgens saying the same I just stuck with crazy.)

I just took off a ring I got on Canal Street in NYC. My finger is a little bit green.

Yesterday when I was mowing the lawn a bee stung my head.

I really need a job. A.K.A. I have another adventure (or 6) planned.

I had a great day in Logan today, cousin Caroline, Sister Neeley, Torie, such great company.

I wish Justin Bieber would crash my wedding. Actually no, because I will marry him so he will already be there.

I still can't believe Harry Potter is over.

I love Harry Potter.

I also love Nutella on s'mores.

Mmmm...I'm gonna go eat some Nutella.