Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Princess Diaries

So, something very scary happened to me yesterday. I only had my 1:30 class, which was great because I stayed up and watched the Royal Wedding...which was AWESOME! And it made me very excited that I will be in London in just over a week, and it also made me kind of sad that I will only be there for about 10 hours, but as long as I can hit up a Pret A Manger for a ham and cheese pastry I'll be fine.

Yesterday I had 3 papers due. One of those needed to be taken to my 1:30 class. I was trying to be on top of things, and knowing that this week would be a little crazy, I wrote that paper last Friday, typed it up, and saved it onto my flash drive thing so I could print it out later. I went up to the English lab early, like 12:45, but I had other things I needed to print off, so I didn't immediately go to my Lucky Jim paper.

But when I did go to my Lucky Jim paper, what did I find? NOTHING! Just a blank document. BUT, luckily, I write all my papers down, and then type them, and luckily, I had the right notebook in my backpack. There wasn't much time before class, so I quickly typed it up. But once I got it typed up and printed out...there were no staples! There are usually like 6 staplers next to that printer, and of course, there was only one there, and it had no staples. So I grabbed a piece of tape, and taped it together.

I ran, yes, ran all the way to my next class because I was late. That means I ran across the quad, and up two flights of stairs. Then I told my class the entire story, the hung on my every word. And then my teacher asked if the boy on my shirt was my boyfriend, I told him I wished. Then my teacher told me he loves his movies. I was wearing one of my Harry Potter shirts. Yes, one of them, I have 4.


  1. Oh how I love you. You never cease to amaze me.

  2. you are so cool! I want a HP shirt! Gryffindor!!!