Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Siesta Anyone?

A friend of mine returned from his mission last week, and as customary, he had a "homecoming" thing. I slept right through it. I have been having a really hard time falling asleep lately, and then I have really weird dreams. Anyway, I slept through it, and I had already not been 100% sure if I was going to attend or not. I woke up, went to the single's ward, talked to some kids I went to Jr. High with and hadn't seen in like 5 1/2 years, yeah, I didn't realize I was that old until I just typed that.
After church I got in the car and looked at my phone, there was a text from my BFF Lizzie, asking if I had gone to the homecoming. I replied that I had not. She then asked me if I wanted to go with her and our other buddy McKell to see him, " now-ish?" So we went.
It was 2:30 in the afternoon, and yes, the homecoming was at 9, but the homecomings I've been to people are there for most of the day. We pulled onto the street, and there were no cars, we thought that was a little weird, but we decided we would go in anyway, say a quick "sorry we missed your talk, we just wanted to see you and say hi real quick." We walked to the door, and no lights were on, maybe they're down watching a movie or something, we thought. We knocked on the door.
Maybe they can't hear us, we thought. So we rang the doorbell.
Once again, nothing.
The dog came running to the door, followed by the father in sweats, looking a little sleepy. He answered the door, we apologized, explained that we couldn't make it earlier, and asked if they were all asleep. No, no, he said (clearly trying not to hurt our feelings) we're not asleep, but Will is, come on in and I'll go wake him up. NO! we all whispered screamed (it's a real thing) we'll just come another time. Will would love to see you, the father said, he's just napping right now. We're very sorry to bother you, we kept saying over and over, still saying it as we walked down the driveway.
Maybe we should've called first....or woken up on time.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Things are looking up for this blog. Last night I won the Ugly Sweater contest at FHE. It was nerve-wracking, I had to get up in front of everyone, and then get votes by applause. I really was afraid no one was gonna vote for me. I was surprised by my win, and am looking forward to using that gift-card to Bajio. Thank you to the people of the North Canyon 8th Ward.
These are my fellow winners, they tied. This is my mother's "12 Days of Christmas" sweater, she was a little sad it won..

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Moment of Awkwardness.

My original plan for this blog was to document the things that happened in my day to day life that would excite my readers each day and give them a laugh. And then nothing exciting happened, and now I have a boring blog. But I do have one short story, not as hilarious as experiences of the past, but one of the more awkward things as of late.

Yesterday I was at my next-door neighbor and childhood buddy Michael's Homecoming from his mission in Columbus, Ohio. (He did an excellent job, he was a hard working missionary and I'm very excited to hang out with him the rest of this break.) After sacrament meeting was over I went to talk to my friends who had come to listen to Michael. There is one friend (I'm just gonna withhold the name) who can be hilarious, but make me behave very awkwardly. So I had gone through about all the hugs I can handle and talked a lot about finals, and finally came to this friend. Sometimes I don't know what to expect from this particular friend, especially in a greeting situation. Are you going to high-five? Hug? Are they going to try a cool "secret" handshake where the next move is only in their head? The possibilities are endless. So this friend pulls their arms out a little, and this could mean a handshake thing or maybe a hug, and I don't even know what I did, maybe went for the hug, then stopped half-way in anticipation for a handshake. I don't even know. And now this friend feels slightly awkward as well, because my hands are flying all over, not unlike what my roommate Madeline calls an awkward blob, and get super nervous and embarrassed and just put my arms down to my side and awkwardly say, "I don't know what's going on." To this, there is much laughter from onlookers around us, and this friend laughs way hard and gave me a big hug.

This moment was brought up a couple times the rest of the day, and that's probably not the last I'll hear of it, but I'm beginning to come to terms with it. But now I will never not be nervous to greet this friend in the future, maybe I'll sit them down and set rules for what can happen to avoid this situation at all costs. Or only ever greet people with one thing, like a handshake for everyone, a uniform hello, that everyone will know...because if there is one thing I hate, it is when I'm trying to go to bed and all the horrible moments of the day flash through my head, and this one will be there for a couple of days.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Year Ago Tomorrow...

This is kind of a bummer. A year ago tomorrow I was on my way to two weeks of this...

I wish I was doing that again, but tomorrow will be ok, because this kid gets home...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


While trying to write a HUGE paper for my Rhetoric class, I was researching something called carnival. It's a form of language, a freedom language theory, studied by Bakhtin. An article suggested that while speaking, we all take roles, just like actors. And then it talked about how actors "mask" themselves, and that discourages us from seeing who they really are.
This made me think of an issue I had last February. I had seen Valentine's Day with my mom, I'm a large Asthon Kutcher fan, and we were talking about it on the drive home. She was talking about how she thought Taylor Swift had donw a pretty good job, and I had argued that she had just bugged me (but I do listen to her music a lot, so don't think I'm a hater), I just didn't like her acting. And that was it, I didn't like her as an actress.
All we ever see her as is a singer, or in interviews, and we think we have a pretty good idea of what her personality is like. So when she is ACTING, pretending to be a fictional character, we are seeing her as something totally different, and it catches us off-guard.
I have met many pro-athletes in my day, but I have not met any actors or major celebrities. I wonder what it would be like, I don't even know what to expect, how would I even act? I don't even know. It would be a total surprise, I wonder if that will ever happen...? And if it does, I hope that it would be Adam Brody, or Penn Badgley, that would be fantastic. Can anyone hook me up?? huh??

Monday, December 13, 2010

Number 3

  • Both artists in this song have already been featured on this list.
  • The crooner co-wrote the hook and was able to preform it in this song.
  • Nominated for 3 Grammys.
  • The music video is a little weird, but entertaining.
  • Number 3...


Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Have A Problem

There is this thing that happens to me. ALL THE TIME. Seriously, though. In fact, it happened to me twice this week. You know how sometimes there is a large gap between times you see someone? And the last time you saw them, or stalked their FB they were dating someone...
So then you see them, you talk about finals, or whatever is going on currently, and then you say something like, "Hey, I was on Facebook and there were some pictures of you and that girl you're dating and I just think I should tell you that you two are really cute together," or, "So, how are things with (insert name here)?"
To this they respond, "Oh, we're not together anymore," or, "Things ended for good last night." Then they try to smile to ensure that I don't feel bad for bringing it up. But in fact, I do, I feel really bad. And this always happens within 24 hours of a relationship ending. And you know what, I do feel horrible. I think I'm just going to stop asking people about their love lives.

Also, if you or anyone I know, or even if I don't know them, break up with someone, please warn me, this is the best possible solution I can come up with to solve this problem. You can contact me via comment, FB, or a simple text message. Thank you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Number 4

  • For months and months this song never got old.
  • And then suddenly it did and I haven't listened to it for months.
  • This artist came out of almost nowhere with a few HUGE hits this summer.
  • Biggest influence is 80's music.
  • Features loved lead singer Hayley Williams.
  • Number 4...


Number 5

  • Bluntly wanting a booty-call.
  • Made debut on a single with Jim Brickman
  • My old roommate Kalli would sing this all the time.
  • Number 5...


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Number 6

  • This is exactly what a girl wants to hear.
  • Artist's real name is Peter Hernandez.
  • Grew up in Hawaii, hence the laid-back feel.
  • Popularity grew in collaborations with B.o.B. and Travie McCoy.
  • Here's your number 6...


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yet Another Coincidence

I am now working on a grammar project, and was writing how the meanings of most things are lost without a prepositional phrase is used. And what song happens to have come through shuffle on my itunes? Coldplay's Lost+. Yes, crazy. That is the second time this week.

The kid at the table next to me just got down and did some push-ups.

Everyone should watch The Sing Off. It was so great, I can't wait until Wednesday's episode!

Number 7

  • Originally written for a woman.
  • Remixed for U.S. release, with rap sequences by Ludacris.
  • Released just in time for Spring Break season.
  • Sung by English artist.
  • Very popular in UK before it was even on the radar of US radios.
  • Number 7...


Monday, December 6, 2010

Number 8

  • Written by, produced by, and featuring Black-Eyed Peas' frontman
  • Artist's ninth No. 1 hit.
  • Title from common text acronym.
  • Your number 9...


Number 9

  • Music video has had over 315 MILLION (yes million) views on youtube.
  • Has reached No. 1 in 7 countries.
  • Music video is a mix of deep symbolism and sheer randomness.
  • Tells how artist is willing to do anything to obtain fame.
  • Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Number 10

From a pretty good source, I found a list of the top ten songs of 2010. Today I'll start you out with number 10.
  • First off, the music video rocks.
  • Co-written by "Drop It Low" 's Ester Dean.
  • In Jamacian slang, title mean cool, hip, snappily dressed attractive young man.
  • Was not predicted to be most popular off album.
  • Here it is, your number 10...


Friday, December 3, 2010

Coincidence...I think not...

Not even five minutes ago something amazing happened...
I was frantically writing my rhetoric paper, I'm supposed to have a rough draft of the 9 pages by 12:30, I have 3 half-paragraphs....but that's beside the point. The point is I was listening to Halo. What a great song. I was typing about a thing called CARNIVAL, a type of writing Bakhtin sort of made up, and in a quote the word embrace was used, and it just so happened that I typed embrace RIGHT AS BEYONCE SANG IT. At the exact same moment! It was crazy.

Also, I think The Kooks should take a shot at a U2 remake, it would be awesome.
That's all.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

True Story

Once upon a time a girl sat in a McDonald's eating some hotcakes before she had to get to work. As she ate she read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She looked at the time and decided she could head to work now, she wouldn't be too early and her tummy was now full. As she walked to the garbage she heard something, "Excuse me miss, what are you studying?" "Oh, I'm just reading Harry Potter," she said hurriedly to the older Mexican man, she then saw that he was reading something, so to be polite, she returned the question. the book was How To Prosper in Life or something, he showed her the front cover, "I'm going to be rich," he replied with a slightly creepy smile, "That's great!" the girl said as she started to walk away. "What's your name?" he asked, so many questions, she thought. "My name is Kamille." "Kamille, Kamille, I've never heard that name before." Because you are Mexican, she thought, but once again politely said with a smile, "Oh, really?" "Do you come here often?" he asked, "Nope, never, I just had some time before work," she said nervously. "Where do you work Kamille?" "Just a place." Good one Kamille. "Where is this place?" Now the girl was slightly freaking out, "Um...on the other side of the freeway, oh look at the time, I better be on my way," she said has she started to walk to the door, yet again. "Where can I see you again Kamille?" the man said as he stood up. "I don't know, bye!" she said quickly then ran to her car, hopped in, and drove away as fast as legally possible.