Monday, April 11, 2011

Mansard Roof

This morning as I was driving down Val Verda in Bountiful on my way back to Logan, I saw a raven like bird perched atop a telephone pole. But it was sitting in such a way it looked like a penguin, I'm dead serious. It was so strange. This made me think of another time a penguin was thought to be spotted.

There were a few of us in the car, it was around 3 in the a.m., we were on our way home from the midnight-ish showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We were driving on Bountiful Blvd parallel to the golf course, barely north of your house Ashley, when an animal joined us on the road. We could see its glowing eyes, the white of its belly, and the black of the remaining body. "Oh my heck!" one of the travel companions yelled (take a guess who) "It is a penguin! On the road!" We screamed, we yelled, we got closer, we saw that it was actually a dog. But in the companions defense, from straight on in the dark of the night, it did kind of look like a penguin.

And one time, I did see a real life penguin, in the wild. That was cool. Maybe the best part of the trip, well, second best to Narnia. I sure do love traveling. I also love my sisters, even though they are kinda weird. I also love Richard Simmons, and the veggie-porn picture my sister has of him, and I am sad we didn't make it to his Slimmins class on Thursday, but it's ok, it was mom's birthday, I'm sure she would rather be anywhere but there, but at the same time, THIS could have been her.

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  1. I love you Kamille. We never hung out two weeks ago.... maybe we can in Europe?