Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mesquite-zza Hut!

"WHY is he driving back down The Strip!?" I yell to the entire carload in general. "Is he going down The Strip? I don't even know where we are." The pilot replies, comforting I thought to myself, then outloud said, "Now we're going to have to sit in traffic for like another half-an-hour until we get back out of downtown." "I am famished, I must eat immediately," came from a destressed Jessica in the back seat. "Like I said earlier, I really need some Pizza Hut," the pilot said, obviously with pizza on the brain. It was nearing 9:30 p.m. and we had yet to eat dinner. Once we made it to the end of the road, we were on the freeway as fast as we could. We wanted food, but we wanted to get back to St. George more.
We hit the road, and immediately put on the tunes. We got our Bieber in for the hour, and then moved onto another favorite of ours, the Jonas Brothers. That kept us happy through about, S.O.S., Burnin' Up, Paranoid, and Year 3000 of course, and then the noise of our stomachs overcame the young swooners. We were nearing Mesquite, and were desperate for food. When I say desperate, I really mean desperate. The pilot was practically in a frantic rage, our famished friend was getting worse by the minute, and the rest of us switched between a hungered silence, and even hungrier outbursts.
"WE ARE STOPPING IN MESQUITE!" the pilot yells, "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY LONGER!" As soon as that first Mesquite exit came, we were off, and searching for somewhere to eat. No where was open, not even a fast-food place, no McDonald's, no Wendy's, no nothing. Wal-Mart wasn't even open 24-hours a day! Now we were all irritated. No amount of singing teenage boys could help us now. We needed that food!
I don't know how many people know this, but it is not safe to be with a group of girls after a day of shopping, and many hours with no food, and a couple more hours until they are able to eat, especially if they are stuck in a car together. There is no warning to what can happen in these circumstances.
The pilot was on a mission, in such dire need of food, she took to the back roads. At one point she ended up driving us out an in, and down a road going the wrong direction. I personally, was freaking out inside, and probably on the outside too because I was starving, and had low blood sugar. We are going to get lost, and die probably, I thought to myself. So we drove around and around, having no idea where we were, and place after place was closed. By this time it is getting really close to 11, and things were getting a little crazy. Erin sat completely silent in the back, except for when a new place we drove up to was closed. Heidi, Jessica, the pilot, and myself were going crazy, yelling, laughing, almost into hysteria. We keep driving down this random road (in the nicer part of town, of course), when I see it. The little red hat-type looking thing. "PIZZA HUT!" I yelled, the car almost crashes, and we almost illegally make sure to drive into the parking lot.
It was late, and we had no idea how this parking lot worked, ok, all of us but the pilot, and somehow we were suddenly going through what was supposed to be a drive-thru, backwards. We drove past the windows, and stopped to check out what was going on inside. There were people in there! It was open! Oh no, those people at the table right next to the window are cops, we're in this thing backwards, "WE'RE GONNA GET A TICKET, I just know it," says the ever-pessimistic Jessica. We cautiously make our way to the correct part of the parking lot, and send the pilot to the door to make sure they are open.
Probably about 5 minutes pass, and she never comes back. Now we're freaking out that she got kidnapped in that short distance, it was pretty dark. We went in, it was barely still open, but Becca had become fast friends with the waitress in her desperate state, and she agreed to feed us. She already had a table, water, and breadsticks for us. We started laughing how all day long all the pilot had wanted was Pizza Hut, and here we were, at Pizza Hut. Just then all of the police man start to walk out. We all got really quiet, really fast, we didn't want to cause any trouble. The very last one walked past us, then he turned around and walked back over to our table. We all froze, and smiled politely. "You know, you're allowed to have fun," he said kindly, we nervously laughed, and then the unimaginable happened.
"Me plus you." We all heard it, it was like it was meant to be. Becca started dancing in her seat, and I started singing, the policeman laughed and caught up with his friends. "It's like it was meant to be," the pilot exclaimed as she rocked back and forth, "Us, here, in the beautiful place, eating beautiful food, with a beautiful song. All here in this Mesquite Pizza Hut--MESQUITE-ZZA HUT!" We could not help but laugh and sing, we were the only ones left in the place, but the cooks and the other employees got a good chuckle out of it.
We probably set some sort of record for how fast that pizza was eaten, and the amount of laughter shared at that table. It's really a shame I don't remember everything that was said, because it was definitely in one of the top five most hilarious moments of my life. Don't worry, we gave the waitress a very nice tip, and she said she was very happy to have met us, and we made her day.
Look at us, changing the world, one mesquite-zza hut waitress at a time.

Please understand in this photo Jessica was laying on the ground...
That is a garbage can

Friday, February 25, 2011

Inbetween Mesquite-zza Hut Posts

I like to portray myself as a bit of a music aficionado. I find a lot of joy in researching underground music and dishing it out to my friends in a semi-friendly, semi-arrogant sort of fashion. I've been to over a hundred concerts in the past three years. Music is my thing. But every bit of ethos I had built up was catapulted out the window the night I attended the Justin Bieber concert. Don't get me wrong, I like the Bieb's music as much as the next guy. But, I never, ever thought I would find myself attending one of his shows. But I did.

It all began as a joke amongst myself and a few of my female friends. We said how fun it would be to dance along to "Eenie Meenie" and "Baby" with all of the other fans sick with Bieber Fever. As fun as that sounded, there was one major problem. I am a twenty-five year old man with beard. The only reason I should be attending one of Bieber's shows is if I am taking my little sister. And I had my reputation to think of! But my friends persisted, and persisted, and persisted, until I caved. I rationalized that I needed the experience. I had seen indie shows, classic rock shows, rap shows, but I had never seen the Bieber. So I went. I looked REALLY out of place. I sustained hearing damage from all the screaming fourteen year old girls. And......I had a blast.

-Boy in my Rhetoric class last semester

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Beliebing

As I am still feeding my Bieber Fever, a memory came back to me. A memory from a time when little was known about the lad from the land up north.

In October of 2010, a few chosen members took a little Fall Break excursion to St. George feat. a day trip to Vegas (a visit to H&M was very overdue). Rebecca Jean Swalberg was our pilot for the trip, in her father's jeep, which is no more, R.I.P. I sat shot-gun. The main job of the shot-gun sitter is to keep the tunes coming, yell out funny city names, then correct Becca as she mis-pronounces said cities, and "WHOO!" everytime the pilot yells "VEGAS!" or "60 MILES" (this number was different each time, due to ou rmoving closer to the destination, and gaps between mileage signs.)
I was preforming my duties with more enthusiasm than the average shot-gun sitter throughout this trip. Doing on thing that changed our lives forever. I played Justin Bieber's first single "One Time." I played it near the beginning of the journet, probably soon after we picked up Jessica in Provo. The music video had been avaibable for free on iTunes, so I obviously took that offer, but this meant that each time we listened to it we also had to listen to "oh oh free! that was not luck, that was skill. yo i'm killin it. yo Usher. JB what's up man? just playin' video games with Ryan. think you can hold the house down til I get back? yeah I can do that. alright, my man. yo." (until we realized if you fast forward 25 seconds you just go right to the song.)
Pretty much I was the only one in the car that had heard this song, but we were all loving it. We listened to it multiple times in a row, immediately following that first time. And then, per the pilot's request, every hour, on the hour, the rest of the drive. This would include trying to sing as high as this kid could, actions between myself and the pilot, much laughter from us all, and the song being stuck in our head even when it wasn't playing.
Even today it is not uncommon for me to send or recieve a text message from Becca containing three small words, "ME PLUS YOU." Or sometimes only two words and a symbol, "ME + YOU." Or maybe even one word, one symbol, and one letter (depends on the mood) "ME + U."
Next time on "All The Little Moments..."
"I am famished." "Why are we going BACK to the strip!?"
"I just really need some pizza hut." "Girl I love you, I love you."
"Jessica's gonna pass out."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Track Mind

Today has been a little rough. There has only been one thing on my mind for about the last 25 hours. Here it is.

(How can you not love this kid? Seriously. If you have an answer to this question please go see his movie. Right now. Ok, maybe not right now but tomorrow.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annotated Bibliography

"Why is that person laying on the ground out there?"
"Oh, she has a camera, artistic angle?"
"I really, really wish I was going on that cruise with you."
"I swear that bug is just acting like it's dead, it just stops moving when I glance at it."
"I should just walk away, but he might think I was super rude."
"I am so happy for all my people getting married."
"I better find out why this is my decision semi-soon, and not in a couple years."
"I can't wait for Spenny to get home. Par-tay!"
"Yay for the weekend."
"15-ish days til Spring Break."
"I still wish I could go on that cruise."
"Dinner will be fun tonight."
"You know life is crazy when you and your roommate only see each other really late at night or really early in the morning when the other is sleeping...for 3 days straight."
"I haven't seen Becca in awhile."
"I love Fred Weasley."
"I should wear my Deathly Hallows shirt tomorrow."
"I am liking this Brett Dennen kid."
"I think annotated bibliographies are stupid."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music for the Month

  • September -Pomplamoose (For some reason I love this way more than the original)
  • Yeah 3x -Chris Brown
  • Rolling In the Deep -Adele (I feel good things coming from this new album)
  • I Love You 5 -Never Shout Never
  • Something To Believe In -Parachute
  • E-Pro -Beck
  • Rhythm of Love -Plain White T's (Currently my mother's favorite song, so I had to include it. Obviously)
  • Annie Waits -Ben Folds (Never gets old. Never)
  • Don't Bring Me Down -Electric Lights Orchestra
  • Mona Lisa -The All-American Rejects
  • Coming Home (feat. Skylar Grey) -Diddy-Dirty Money
  • Butterflies -Liz Golden
  • Maybe -The Sick Puppies
  • Sing Along -Sixteen Cities
  • World Shut Your Mouth -Death Cab for Cutie
  • Brighter Than Sunshine -Aqualung
  • Faithfully -Journey (Classic)
  • My Doorbell -The Whitestripes
  • Do You Feel -The Rocket Summer
  • Forever and Ever -He Is We
  • Only Heart -John Mayer (Makes me think of summer, perfect for this snow that is currently coming down)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I looked at the clock, it was 7:57, FHE started at 8. Did I really want to go? Not really, but I should go. "Are you going to family home evening?" Heidi asked from the other couch, from underneath all of her math homework. "Yeah, probably I guess." "When are you going? I'll go with you." "Probably in 10 minutes. I need to finish watching the top ten moments of the Grammys, Gaga's gonna break out of that egg next." Madeline walks out, "Are you going to go to FHE?" Both Heidi and myself, "Yeah, I guess." "I am a mother leader person, so I should at least make an appearance." I add as a second thought. We all grab our shoes, and LIGHT jackets (yesterday was an exciting day in Logan, the shorts came out and the jackets came off). We quickly walked up to the institute, and really wanted to join the ward playing the Wii on a giant screen, but of course it wasn't ours. It is now about 8:10, are we late? Yes. Has it started? No. Are they still setting up? Yes. "If they say it starts at 8 shouldn't it be set up by 8?" Madeline asks, as if she is unsure of the system, "I would assume so," I said checking the clock, it was now 8:15...still hadn't started. "I just really want to frost a cookie and leave," Heidi said, slightly annoyed.
We all heard it, Celine was playing in the background, we heard it just in time, "BABY BABY BABY!" we all sang in unison, and then looked around and saw that no one else was really singing, that's cool. The kid in charge, who may or may not think he is practically a rock star, gets everyones attention and starts to explain the activity. "How much instruction do we need to frost cookies? Really?" I whisper to Heidi and Madeline. "Oh, there is also stuff to make a valentine." I say when he points to the table full of paper, "I don't need a piece of paper to express my feelings, I told you at midnight Madeline, and again on your blog today, and I don't need to tell Heidi, she knows." I am getting anxious now, we only wanted to be there for 10 minutes. They said the prayer, Madeline, Heidi and myself were at the front table grabbing the cookies so fast, we could have started walking during the prayer, but I don't think we did. I don't think I've ever frosted a cookie so fast, and we were walking out of there. Heidi took a bite, her face was priceless. "Was it even worth it?" I ask, she looked so sad as she shook her head back and forth, "I don't think it was." Madeline eats her cookie anyway. We quickly walk home, I complained about not being able to watch Gossip Girl, and how Dan Humphrey was probably turning his beautiful face to the camera right now and saying, "Kamille Clifford, I love you." and I was missing it, as the whole rest of the world was watching, and now I'll have to wait til Thursday, or Friday, or whenever CW feels like putting their videos up.
When we walked in the door, Heidi immediately threw her cookie minus a bite in the garbage. Madeline left for dinner with some of her friends, Torie went to a movie with some of her friends, Heidi and I (we really only hang out with each other) hit the nearest Redbox, the one at McDonalds if you must know, and got the movie Flipped. We loved it, it was so cute. When it was over we immediately exclaimed how we wanted to know what happened with the rest of their lives, was there a sequel!? It was based on a book, maybe there was another one. Of course we looked it up, and were disappointed that there was not one. (But we did find out that the kid who plays Bryce is in I am Number Four, which Heidi is very excited for because she has loved Alex Pettyfer for years) So we watched the movie again, but Heidi went to bed in the middle. And I'm still very upset that I missed the latest of the Upper East Side.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Do People Have the Same Name?

Me: You're Taylor's* cousin right?
Other: Actually, we're more than cousins...
Me: More than cousins huh?
Thoughts in my head: Well that got awkward faster than I expected.
Other: Starts to walk away.
Other: Turns around, but is still like 10 feet away.
Other: Oh! My cousin Taylor! You're Taylor's friend, I remember now, I thought you were talking about my brother.
Other: Smiles, and then keeps walking away.
Thoughts in my head: Well, that was nice. I forgot the other had a brother named Taylor.

I later saw this other walking away with my fan club**, nice.

*Name was changed to keep the lives of those involved private.
**Fan club may be a nick-name for a group of girls that have hostile feelings against me for unknown reasons.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Adios Senora

Today I sat sown in my British Imperialism class like I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1:30 pm. I was rockin' out, within range of my headphone of course, to a little MJ and Heart, whatever came up on shuffle, really. This very Latino looking lady walked into the class, very authoritative, and started to rearrange everything, and trying to get the computer and the class room's sound system to work. Once she got it working, she used said sound system to play some Spanish music, very loudly, and began to sing along. So loudly, I could definitely hear it above the wonderful lyrics of "Alone" streaming into my ears. The 5 (sometimes there are more, sometimes 13) of us in class were trying not to laugh as we glanced around at each other in confusion.
Our normal teacher, tall, funny hair, glasses, green shirt and Christmas plaid tie (yes, it is February 11) walks in, and is stunned. "Please turn that off!" he nearly shouts. She does, starting to look a little nervous. "What are you doing here!?" he once again yells, "I need to teach a class here! At 1:30! Right now!" She starts shuffling through her papers, "Is this room 201? I am substituting for someone in room 201." She says quite politely. "Yes this is 201! You obviously have the wrong room." My teacher says a little more nicely, but still with an edge in his voice. I, Kamille, pulling out my earphones say, "I'm pretty sure there is a Spanish class right across the hall." (and I mean right across the hall, not a normal hall of six feet, but a side hall of Old Main that is maybe 2 1/2 feet, and very inconvienent). "Oh my goodness, she must have given me the wrong room number. I'm so sorry! I was just following her directions." The lady said with nervous laughter. "It's alright, it's alright, these things happen." My teacher says, acting like he is the most understanding person in this building. "Just make your way across the hall." And then he pulled out the old overhead projector, and taught us about farming in 18th century Britain. -At least he didn't read us another one of his short stories about George Fridrech Handel.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Problems with Sleep

As some of you know, I have sleeping issues. They come in cycles. For the past couple months I have had the hardest time falling asleep. Even if I am so tired I can't formulate sentences, it can still take me a few hours to fall asleep. To help with this situation, I take melatonin to make me sleepy. It actually doesn't help that much, but sometimes it does. Lately, when I take it, I have a hard time staying asleep, and I have really weird dreams. Two weeks ago I had a weird one that I was about to go into labor, which was weird because I am definitely not pregnant, nor do I plan to be anytime soon. But last night's was seriously crazy. It was one of those when you wake up you still feel weird, and it kind of bothers you the rest of the day. So I'll share most of it with you.
My family, (my dream family and my real family are totally different people, I have no idea who these dream family people are.) so my family decided it was time for me to get married, but since I am probably the furthest away from marriage or dating as you can ever get, they had to find someone for me to marry. This person just happened to be my second cousin Bambi. (I blame the melatonin) And I agreed to it. (this agreeing and finding Bambi happened prior to where I entered the dream apparently). So the wedding was like a day away, and I did not feel good about it, I told my parents (they were my real parents) a typical Ken answer was what I got, "Make sure your choice is for all the right reasons, don't marry him just to marry him, don't not marry him just to not marry him," (thank you dad for your wise words) and my mom just wanted me to be happy, typical Elisa. I was feeling horrible, so I called up Bambi's father and said that this could not happen, (and during this conversation I had inspiration) it was illegal, IT WAS ILLEGAL! I will not participate.
Immediately following the phone call I felt so much better, but I still had to go to the rehersal dinner, or whatever is typically the night before a wedding, (why my parents would agree to this absurd wedding in the first place is beyond me, and why they would make me go to some dinner with crazy people makes me even more confused) The whole family was incredibly mad at me, I felt so uncomfortable (I am currently still feeling this way, especially as I re-live this, all in an effort to share it) and then, they formed a line, not unlike the recieving line at a reception, Bambi and myself were at the end, and when they walked up they would rip our invitation in half right in front of us. When ripping it they ripped it between my name and Bambi's, and then threw my half into a fire. Yes, a fire!
And then I woke up....
But it was so weird. I'm so glad that I don't have a cousin named Bambi, and pray that my parents really wouldn't make me marry my second cousin.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

7 Months Til My Birthday

So, I was informed this morning that once again, the cat is back. Sunday night my roommate Torie heard his sounds again, but less violent. Not as much killing possibly? I don't even know. As those of you in Logan know, it snowed last night (it's still ok, seeing as it is February), and when I walked out of my door this morning there were cat tracks all ober the porch, as well as the area surrounding said porch. Torie and I are quite nervous that this cat is out to get one of us. My guess is that it's Torie, because she is the one that keeps hearing it. Also, according to the tracks, this cat sat on our porch. What you have to understand is that Torie has a 6:30 am meeting on Tuesdays, through which she usually exits the front door to make her way to the Institute. Thanks to our neighbor who always parks right in front of our door Torie had to park in the back last night, therefore she went out of the back sliding door to her meeting. This simple action could've saved her life. I'm not kidding. Why can we never see this cat? Where does it go in the day? It must show itself so we can understand what we are dealing with. This cat also needs a name, I was thinking Tony, but that doesn't sound scary enough...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Voiced Palatal Fricative

(That title has nothing to do with this post)
So, I've had this idea for awhile now, and the other day I just happened to be talking to some people who are more involved in school committee stuff than myself. So I told them about it. We need a campus wide Floo Network. I'm dead serious. All around the edges of campus there should be multiple fireplaces that can take us wherever we need to go. Then, everyone can just go from building to building that way. Especially in these extreme conditions. The people told me that if I can figure out how that would work, they could try to implement it into the system. I also suggested a tube-like system, not unlike what is used at the Home Depot. But then campus would probably look like a giant hampster cage.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Loves 3 Degrees in the A.M.?

This morning after I woke up and took a shower I texted Google like I do every morning and asked "weather for logan utah." This is what it gave me.

Logan, UT
0F, Sunny
Wind: SE 5 mph
Hum: 62%
Wed: -9-15 F, Partly Cloudy
Thu: 17-24 F, Partly Cloudy
Fri: 29-31 F, Cloudy

So, all of this information means that it really felt like -10F, or probably like -100F. Or in otherwords....FREEZING! So I proceeded to get dressed. Thermals, long warm socks I wear skiing, t-shirt, long sleeved shirt...wait, am I going skiing?? Pretty much everything I wear under my ski clothes, I am wearing under my normal clothes today. This is not ok, especially after those few blissful weeks of near spring-like weather. Nice one weather gods, but keep trying.
Also, they should really cancel school on frigid days such as this.