Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mesquite-zza Hut!

"WHY is he driving back down The Strip!?" I yell to the entire carload in general. "Is he going down The Strip? I don't even know where we are." The pilot replies, comforting I thought to myself, then outloud said, "Now we're going to have to sit in traffic for like another half-an-hour until we get back out of downtown." "I am famished, I must eat immediately," came from a destressed Jessica in the back seat. "Like I said earlier, I really need some Pizza Hut," the pilot said, obviously with pizza on the brain. It was nearing 9:30 p.m. and we had yet to eat dinner. Once we made it to the end of the road, we were on the freeway as fast as we could. We wanted food, but we wanted to get back to St. George more.
We hit the road, and immediately put on the tunes. We got our Bieber in for the hour, and then moved onto another favorite of ours, the Jonas Brothers. That kept us happy through about, S.O.S., Burnin' Up, Paranoid, and Year 3000 of course, and then the noise of our stomachs overcame the young swooners. We were nearing Mesquite, and were desperate for food. When I say desperate, I really mean desperate. The pilot was practically in a frantic rage, our famished friend was getting worse by the minute, and the rest of us switched between a hungered silence, and even hungrier outbursts.
"WE ARE STOPPING IN MESQUITE!" the pilot yells, "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY LONGER!" As soon as that first Mesquite exit came, we were off, and searching for somewhere to eat. No where was open, not even a fast-food place, no McDonald's, no Wendy's, no nothing. Wal-Mart wasn't even open 24-hours a day! Now we were all irritated. No amount of singing teenage boys could help us now. We needed that food!
I don't know how many people know this, but it is not safe to be with a group of girls after a day of shopping, and many hours with no food, and a couple more hours until they are able to eat, especially if they are stuck in a car together. There is no warning to what can happen in these circumstances.
The pilot was on a mission, in such dire need of food, she took to the back roads. At one point she ended up driving us out an in, and down a road going the wrong direction. I personally, was freaking out inside, and probably on the outside too because I was starving, and had low blood sugar. We are going to get lost, and die probably, I thought to myself. So we drove around and around, having no idea where we were, and place after place was closed. By this time it is getting really close to 11, and things were getting a little crazy. Erin sat completely silent in the back, except for when a new place we drove up to was closed. Heidi, Jessica, the pilot, and myself were going crazy, yelling, laughing, almost into hysteria. We keep driving down this random road (in the nicer part of town, of course), when I see it. The little red hat-type looking thing. "PIZZA HUT!" I yelled, the car almost crashes, and we almost illegally make sure to drive into the parking lot.
It was late, and we had no idea how this parking lot worked, ok, all of us but the pilot, and somehow we were suddenly going through what was supposed to be a drive-thru, backwards. We drove past the windows, and stopped to check out what was going on inside. There were people in there! It was open! Oh no, those people at the table right next to the window are cops, we're in this thing backwards, "WE'RE GONNA GET A TICKET, I just know it," says the ever-pessimistic Jessica. We cautiously make our way to the correct part of the parking lot, and send the pilot to the door to make sure they are open.
Probably about 5 minutes pass, and she never comes back. Now we're freaking out that she got kidnapped in that short distance, it was pretty dark. We went in, it was barely still open, but Becca had become fast friends with the waitress in her desperate state, and she agreed to feed us. She already had a table, water, and breadsticks for us. We started laughing how all day long all the pilot had wanted was Pizza Hut, and here we were, at Pizza Hut. Just then all of the police man start to walk out. We all got really quiet, really fast, we didn't want to cause any trouble. The very last one walked past us, then he turned around and walked back over to our table. We all froze, and smiled politely. "You know, you're allowed to have fun," he said kindly, we nervously laughed, and then the unimaginable happened.
"Me plus you." We all heard it, it was like it was meant to be. Becca started dancing in her seat, and I started singing, the policeman laughed and caught up with his friends. "It's like it was meant to be," the pilot exclaimed as she rocked back and forth, "Us, here, in the beautiful place, eating beautiful food, with a beautiful song. All here in this Mesquite Pizza Hut--MESQUITE-ZZA HUT!" We could not help but laugh and sing, we were the only ones left in the place, but the cooks and the other employees got a good chuckle out of it.
We probably set some sort of record for how fast that pizza was eaten, and the amount of laughter shared at that table. It's really a shame I don't remember everything that was said, because it was definitely in one of the top five most hilarious moments of my life. Don't worry, we gave the waitress a very nice tip, and she said she was very happy to have met us, and we made her day.
Look at us, changing the world, one mesquite-zza hut waitress at a time.

Please understand in this photo Jessica was laying on the ground...
That is a garbage can

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