Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Beliebing

As I am still feeding my Bieber Fever, a memory came back to me. A memory from a time when little was known about the lad from the land up north.

In October of 2010, a few chosen members took a little Fall Break excursion to St. George feat. a day trip to Vegas (a visit to H&M was very overdue). Rebecca Jean Swalberg was our pilot for the trip, in her father's jeep, which is no more, R.I.P. I sat shot-gun. The main job of the shot-gun sitter is to keep the tunes coming, yell out funny city names, then correct Becca as she mis-pronounces said cities, and "WHOO!" everytime the pilot yells "VEGAS!" or "60 MILES" (this number was different each time, due to ou rmoving closer to the destination, and gaps between mileage signs.)
I was preforming my duties with more enthusiasm than the average shot-gun sitter throughout this trip. Doing on thing that changed our lives forever. I played Justin Bieber's first single "One Time." I played it near the beginning of the journet, probably soon after we picked up Jessica in Provo. The music video had been avaibable for free on iTunes, so I obviously took that offer, but this meant that each time we listened to it we also had to listen to "oh oh free! that was not luck, that was skill. yo i'm killin it. yo Usher. JB what's up man? just playin' video games with Ryan. think you can hold the house down til I get back? yeah I can do that. alright, my man. yo." (until we realized if you fast forward 25 seconds you just go right to the song.)
Pretty much I was the only one in the car that had heard this song, but we were all loving it. We listened to it multiple times in a row, immediately following that first time. And then, per the pilot's request, every hour, on the hour, the rest of the drive. This would include trying to sing as high as this kid could, actions between myself and the pilot, much laughter from us all, and the song being stuck in our head even when it wasn't playing.
Even today it is not uncommon for me to send or recieve a text message from Becca containing three small words, "ME PLUS YOU." Or sometimes only two words and a symbol, "ME + YOU." Or maybe even one word, one symbol, and one letter (depends on the mood) "ME + U."
Next time on "All The Little Moments..."
"I am famished." "Why are we going BACK to the strip!?"
"I just really need some pizza hut." "Girl I love you, I love you."
"Jessica's gonna pass out."

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