Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I looked at the clock, it was 7:57, FHE started at 8. Did I really want to go? Not really, but I should go. "Are you going to family home evening?" Heidi asked from the other couch, from underneath all of her math homework. "Yeah, probably I guess." "When are you going? I'll go with you." "Probably in 10 minutes. I need to finish watching the top ten moments of the Grammys, Gaga's gonna break out of that egg next." Madeline walks out, "Are you going to go to FHE?" Both Heidi and myself, "Yeah, I guess." "I am a mother leader person, so I should at least make an appearance." I add as a second thought. We all grab our shoes, and LIGHT jackets (yesterday was an exciting day in Logan, the shorts came out and the jackets came off). We quickly walked up to the institute, and really wanted to join the ward playing the Wii on a giant screen, but of course it wasn't ours. It is now about 8:10, are we late? Yes. Has it started? No. Are they still setting up? Yes. "If they say it starts at 8 shouldn't it be set up by 8?" Madeline asks, as if she is unsure of the system, "I would assume so," I said checking the clock, it was now 8:15...still hadn't started. "I just really want to frost a cookie and leave," Heidi said, slightly annoyed.
We all heard it, Celine was playing in the background, we heard it just in time, "BABY BABY BABY!" we all sang in unison, and then looked around and saw that no one else was really singing, that's cool. The kid in charge, who may or may not think he is practically a rock star, gets everyones attention and starts to explain the activity. "How much instruction do we need to frost cookies? Really?" I whisper to Heidi and Madeline. "Oh, there is also stuff to make a valentine." I say when he points to the table full of paper, "I don't need a piece of paper to express my feelings, I told you at midnight Madeline, and again on your blog today, and I don't need to tell Heidi, she knows." I am getting anxious now, we only wanted to be there for 10 minutes. They said the prayer, Madeline, Heidi and myself were at the front table grabbing the cookies so fast, we could have started walking during the prayer, but I don't think we did. I don't think I've ever frosted a cookie so fast, and we were walking out of there. Heidi took a bite, her face was priceless. "Was it even worth it?" I ask, she looked so sad as she shook her head back and forth, "I don't think it was." Madeline eats her cookie anyway. We quickly walk home, I complained about not being able to watch Gossip Girl, and how Dan Humphrey was probably turning his beautiful face to the camera right now and saying, "Kamille Clifford, I love you." and I was missing it, as the whole rest of the world was watching, and now I'll have to wait til Thursday, or Friday, or whenever CW feels like putting their videos up.
When we walked in the door, Heidi immediately threw her cookie minus a bite in the garbage. Madeline left for dinner with some of her friends, Torie went to a movie with some of her friends, Heidi and I (we really only hang out with each other) hit the nearest Redbox, the one at McDonalds if you must know, and got the movie Flipped. We loved it, it was so cute. When it was over we immediately exclaimed how we wanted to know what happened with the rest of their lives, was there a sequel!? It was based on a book, maybe there was another one. Of course we looked it up, and were disappointed that there was not one. (But we did find out that the kid who plays Bryce is in I am Number Four, which Heidi is very excited for because she has loved Alex Pettyfer for years) So we watched the movie again, but Heidi went to bed in the middle. And I'm still very upset that I missed the latest of the Upper East Side.