Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annotated Bibliography

"Why is that person laying on the ground out there?"
"Oh, she has a camera, artistic angle?"
"I really, really wish I was going on that cruise with you."
"I swear that bug is just acting like it's dead, it just stops moving when I glance at it."
"I should just walk away, but he might think I was super rude."
"I am so happy for all my people getting married."
"I better find out why this is my decision semi-soon, and not in a couple years."
"I can't wait for Spenny to get home. Par-tay!"
"Yay for the weekend."
"15-ish days til Spring Break."
"I still wish I could go on that cruise."
"Dinner will be fun tonight."
"You know life is crazy when you and your roommate only see each other really late at night or really early in the morning when the other is sleeping...for 3 days straight."
"I haven't seen Becca in awhile."
"I love Fred Weasley."
"I should wear my Deathly Hallows shirt tomorrow."
"I am liking this Brett Dennen kid."
"I think annotated bibliographies are stupid."

1 comment:

  1. who else calls their spencer "spenny", was waiting for him to get home and uses the word "par-tay"? where did all these quotes come from? i like them.