Tuesday, February 8, 2011

7 Months Til My Birthday

So, I was informed this morning that once again, the cat is back. Sunday night my roommate Torie heard his sounds again, but less violent. Not as much killing possibly? I don't even know. As those of you in Logan know, it snowed last night (it's still ok, seeing as it is February), and when I walked out of my door this morning there were cat tracks all ober the porch, as well as the area surrounding said porch. Torie and I are quite nervous that this cat is out to get one of us. My guess is that it's Torie, because she is the one that keeps hearing it. Also, according to the tracks, this cat sat on our porch. What you have to understand is that Torie has a 6:30 am meeting on Tuesdays, through which she usually exits the front door to make her way to the Institute. Thanks to our neighbor who always parks right in front of our door Torie had to park in the back last night, therefore she went out of the back sliding door to her meeting. This simple action could've saved her life. I'm not kidding. Why can we never see this cat? Where does it go in the day? It must show itself so we can understand what we are dealing with. This cat also needs a name, I was thinking Tony, but that doesn't sound scary enough...

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