Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My parents are pretty great. I remember the exact day I thought they were cool. In ninth grade I was a pretty huge fan of the Women's National Soccer Team. I watched every game, knew every fact, I loved it. My mom even checked me out of school so I could watch the gold medal game live, instead of later. Following the win of the gold medal in the 2004 Olympics, 5 of the veteran players, the "91ers," retired. As sort-of a farewell tour, they played a couple more games around the country, with the last one being in The Home Depot Center in California, soccer central of America.
The day before tickets went on sale I decided to jokingly tell my parents about this. "So, the tickets for Mia Hamm's last game go on sale tomorrow." My dad asked where it was, and that was all I expected. Finished eating dinner, went to sleep, and then went to school the next day, not even giving it a second thought, because it was a pretty big long-shot.
When I got home from school, guess what had happened? MY MOM SCORED US FRONT ROW SEATS!! That's right, my mom sat and sat and waited for the tickets to go on sale and got us the most excellent seats. We flew to California for a couple days and went to this historic game. AND, we were even on ESPN and the TODAY show (because I made a nice poster, and our front row seats made for easy viewing.)

My parents rock.

These ladies changed women's soccer. I owe most of my soccer playing childhood to them.

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