Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Do People Have the Same Name?

Me: You're Taylor's* cousin right?
Other: Actually, we're more than cousins...
Me: More than cousins huh?
Thoughts in my head: Well that got awkward faster than I expected.
Other: Starts to walk away.
Other: Turns around, but is still like 10 feet away.
Other: Oh! My cousin Taylor! You're Taylor's friend, I remember now, I thought you were talking about my brother.
Other: Smiles, and then keeps walking away.
Thoughts in my head: Well, that was nice. I forgot the other had a brother named Taylor.

I later saw this other walking away with my fan club**, nice.

*Name was changed to keep the lives of those involved private.
**Fan club may be a nick-name for a group of girls that have hostile feelings against me for unknown reasons.

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  1. Kamille you crack me up. You're such a good writer, and never fail to entertain me :). I will never join your fan club, unless you start a new one. Love.