Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Problems with Sleep

As some of you know, I have sleeping issues. They come in cycles. For the past couple months I have had the hardest time falling asleep. Even if I am so tired I can't formulate sentences, it can still take me a few hours to fall asleep. To help with this situation, I take melatonin to make me sleepy. It actually doesn't help that much, but sometimes it does. Lately, when I take it, I have a hard time staying asleep, and I have really weird dreams. Two weeks ago I had a weird one that I was about to go into labor, which was weird because I am definitely not pregnant, nor do I plan to be anytime soon. But last night's was seriously crazy. It was one of those when you wake up you still feel weird, and it kind of bothers you the rest of the day. So I'll share most of it with you.
My family, (my dream family and my real family are totally different people, I have no idea who these dream family people are.) so my family decided it was time for me to get married, but since I am probably the furthest away from marriage or dating as you can ever get, they had to find someone for me to marry. This person just happened to be my second cousin Bambi. (I blame the melatonin) And I agreed to it. (this agreeing and finding Bambi happened prior to where I entered the dream apparently). So the wedding was like a day away, and I did not feel good about it, I told my parents (they were my real parents) a typical Ken answer was what I got, "Make sure your choice is for all the right reasons, don't marry him just to marry him, don't not marry him just to not marry him," (thank you dad for your wise words) and my mom just wanted me to be happy, typical Elisa. I was feeling horrible, so I called up Bambi's father and said that this could not happen, (and during this conversation I had inspiration) it was illegal, IT WAS ILLEGAL! I will not participate.
Immediately following the phone call I felt so much better, but I still had to go to the rehersal dinner, or whatever is typically the night before a wedding, (why my parents would agree to this absurd wedding in the first place is beyond me, and why they would make me go to some dinner with crazy people makes me even more confused) The whole family was incredibly mad at me, I felt so uncomfortable (I am currently still feeling this way, especially as I re-live this, all in an effort to share it) and then, they formed a line, not unlike the recieving line at a reception, Bambi and myself were at the end, and when they walked up they would rip our invitation in half right in front of us. When ripping it they ripped it between my name and Bambi's, and then threw my half into a fire. Yes, a fire!
And then I woke up....
But it was so weird. I'm so glad that I don't have a cousin named Bambi, and pray that my parents really wouldn't make me marry my second cousin.

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