Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Ellen

Today I wrote something like this to Ellen...

My favorite food is chocolate milk. I'm not sure that that can count as a favorite food seeing as it is actually a drink, but I don't care, I still say it is my favorite food.
Being an intern for the Ellen Show reminds me of chocolate milk. Delicious, refreshing, from the cow, white milky goodness. Milk is like the show itself, the beginning, the starting line, the clean slate. Without of the show there is nothing. There are no jokes, no guests, no audience members, no blind-folded musical chairs. The show, just like milk, can get along just fine on its own, but when you add the extra things, chocolate for example, it just gets better and better.
I am the chocolate. I can bring a new flavor to the team. I am fun, caring, and sweet...just like that chocolate mix. (I had more right here about how I can help, it was really clever, and great, and will for sure get me this internship, but I didn't save it, which is really upsetting to me because I told myself over and over to save it.)
To me, chocolate milk makes everything better, and if things are already good, a little more chocolate milk can't hurt. I can be your chocolate flavoring! Let me help mix things up!

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  1. Did you really apply to be the one and only Ellen's intern?? That's awesome Kamilley!