Thursday, March 24, 2011

You're So Right

Last year something horrible happened. I got hit in the eye with a glowstick. I was at a crazy rave (not really, just a Marcus Wing white-out party on the quad) when the incident occurred. It stung so badly, and even then, in the mostly dark there was a little black dot in my vision. I just thought it would go away. I continued to dance, then went home pretty late and went to sleep.
My church wasn't until 1:15, so I probably slept in til about 12:45, put on some clothes, and then went to church. I was so tired, and that little black dot was still there, and it hurt. I sat through most of church looking through my non-black-dot-eye, in a sort of perma-wink. That late church was horrible, even though it was only 15 minutes later than a normal 1 o'clock church, it seemed to take FOREVER.
I got back to my apartment, read a little of my book, but that proved to be hard because of that painful dot, and the closing of one eye. That dot made me feel so tired. It was probably only 5:20, but I didn't care, I fell asleep. I woke up around 8, brushed my teeth, and went back to sleep for the rest of the night. That black dot was exhuasting.
When I woke up Monday morning, the dot was still there! There had to be something wrong, so I called my mom. She did some research, and found an eye doctor in Logan with an appointment available that afternoon. Upon arriving, it was discovered that my retina was bleeding, and could possibly detatch-which I hear is no good. So to deal with that, I had to go back for another check up two days later, then twice the next week, then once the week after that, then the next week, then 2 weeks later. We'll just say the receptionist and I became friends, I was there a lot.
But my retina is fine, thanks for asking.

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