Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Won't Let Go

Some things from my week:
  • As I read my book (whether or not it was a Nicholas Sparks novel is irrelevent) last night, it got kinda scary, no one was home, and I had to listen to Justin Bieber while I read to counteract the scary.
  • Still haven't finished that Lit. Review that was due on the 5th, yes, I'm aware that is over two weeks ago.
  • What up (any NBA player or celebrity, i.e. "What up Charles Barkley").
  • Super envious of some pals that hit up SXSW in Austin.
  • Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes.
  • "In the course of my existance I never thought we would have boyfriends." -Torie Welsh.
  • Ellen was on spring break, re-runs, bummer.
  • New The Strokes album in two days, that's what's up.
  • Ants, ants everywhere.
  • My iPod is full, but really, full, full, full.
  • Jungle or desert?
  • "I didn't know Liz played baseball!" -MJ Swal.
  • Spring break feels so far away, but it was less than 10 days ago, how sad.
  • Going home tomorrow to watch the sisters perform for their dance classes, should be a treat.



  1. best part? a nicholas sparks novel "got kinda scary."


  2. Miss you Kamille! Every time I drink chocolate milk I think of you. Never fails.

    I sure hope that doesn't sound creepy.

  3. OH my gosh the other day I listened to the biebs when i was scared!!! He truly is a life saver!!