Thursday, March 17, 2011

Still Not Friday

10 Things I like about Heidi:
  1. When she tells me she couldn't concentrate on her homework because she was too into the music.
  2. When she tells me that music was Def Leppard.
  3. When her math homework involves animal food chains.
  4. When we watch Ellen and eat Nutella and pretzels together.
  5. When she is laughing so hard she laughs like Holly.
  6. When she is obsessed with songs for like a week, then moves on.
  7. When she informs me she is nervous that the ants in our kitchen are building an ant mound under the fridge.
  8. When asked what she doesn't like about the salad, she replies, "Lettuce."
  9. When she makes her bed before she can go to sleep at night.
  10. When she says "Baby" is probably JB's dumbest songs, but deep down I know she loves it, she is just trying to be cool. I've caught her singing along a couple times. Accept it Heidi, "Baby" is a great song.


  1. Heidi is a great soul. We are going to live together and teach Gov. and Math respectively at WXHS.

  2. Oh Heidi, just don't eat salad anymore, alright?

  3. hahaha wow kamille you're like a carpenter cause you nailed the list of Heidi exactly