Sunday, December 4, 2011

White Christmas

I'm still in bed. Lazy I know. I just finished The Hunger Games (don't worry, not for the first time, after watching the  movie trailer over and over I just had to read it again!)  As I watched the snow fall outside of my window, I got onto FB to find a video link from my African bff Hollee.  She's not African, we just met in Africa, and after sharing my first boda boda ride were pretty much allies from then on. Right Holy?  So anyway, this video was of a man in a Ugandan village making a rolex.  A rolex is 100% the best thing I ate in 2011. Hands down. At least once a day. Everyday. For 6 weeks.  Oh and add that chocolate milk from Kenya and a fresh 2,000 UGX ($0.75ish) pineapple, and you've got yourself pretty much the best meal ever.  I almost started crying as I watched the video.  What I wouldn't give for that egg rolled in chapati.  I actually decided that a trip to Uganda would be totally worth it just for a rolex from Hassan.  Well, any rolex actually, but Hassan's from Lugazi was the best we ever had.  And the fact that he only charged 800 UGX was outstanding.  People, that is like 40 cents, probably less!  You can't beat that.  Oh especially when he put the fresh garlic in...ok, I need to stop. I'm salivating.

This is Hassan and his rolex stand.
That is how he supported himself and his family.

Watch the video HERE, seriously, watch it.  At least to get a little glimpse into the simple life of Uganda.  And Brooke, go to Uganda, and eat 683 of these for me. Kthnx.


  1. haha. kamille. this KILLS ME. i'll go. done. you're the best.

  2. OMG! HASSAN! Oh how I miss his smile. He is the BEST rolex maker in the world! Love your blog! :)