Thursday, December 29, 2011

Safe & Sound

I really just haven't felt like blogging lately. Can you blame me? I have tons of movies to watch, and lots of friends and family to play with. Some of whom I won't be seeing for over a year and a half come next Thursday.  Isn't weird to think that soon I will be apart from someone I have seen basically everyday for the last 22-ish years. And another bosom friend could be on her way to marriage upon my return. Life is really moving forward. Throughout 2010 and the beginning of 2011 I felt like I was going nowhere, doing nothing. Now all of the sudden my life has begun, and there is no slowing down in sight. But I love it.

Also, I watched Midnight in Paris this morning. And loved it. I loved it. I wish I was that creative, maybe I will do some writing while I'm away. Maybe by some weird magical power living amongst the Asians will be some type of muse. Who in the heck even knows. Because I for one am diving into the unknown, with a return ticket for July 3, 2012. I will accept visitors and gifts/American food upon my return.

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  1. This post makes you sound super popular. hahahah.

    PS- just so you know... you will miss my wedding by 4 whole days. :P