Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have a British Literature class.  I loved the reading, but I hate analyzing.  It really doesn't matter what I think.  Today I had to turn in a 6 page "final" paper...but I still have a test final for that class on Tuesday.  I'm pretty sure you shouldn't have a final test if you already had a final paper.  I have the worst luck with papers in that class, luckily the last one forever is turned in, and I don't have to worry about it.

Lemme tell you a little about this bad luck.  I stayed up all night to write the first paper (yes, unfortunately I procrastinate like the best of them).  Right before I left for school I went to email the paper to myself so I could print it out on campus, I have like a bajillion prints in the English lab, but the file wouldn't open!  It was telling me it hadn't saved correctly, and it did not exist.  I then had to skip my next classes and re-write the entire thing!
So I stayed up all night writing the final paper (this procrastination was due to other final projects and church callings).  I even had to write it all day long.  So it is 1:18, and class starts at 1:30, I wrap up my crappy concluding paragraph and push print.  With all the other 30+ English majors also printing off final papers at the same time, that should be a good window.  I push print, go wait by the printers like everyone else, and wait, and nothing happens.  So I go back and push print again, the computer tells me it was sent.  So I go wait by the printers again, nothing.  Apparently both printers were running out of toner, and they turned one off. DON'T THESE LAB PEOPLE REALIZE THIS IS FINALS WEEK FOR ALL ENGLISH MAJORS!?? I go back to print again...suddenly, I don't have enough prints (yeah, I haven't figured it out yet) and I run to the lab girl and I'm all "itsaiditprintedbutitdidn'tandnowidon'thaveenoughprintsandclassisabouttostartandihavetoturnitinhelpme!"
(did ya catch all that?) All of my cute peers all yell out, "Kamille! You can use some of mine!" So I run back to my computer to email it to someone, quickly, time is wasting, but it won't attach! The lab girl comes over and says, "Do you have a non-aggiemail account.  Aggiemail hasn't been working in this building lately."  Hasn't been working?? That is the school email server, and it's not working?? At school!?? So I quickly get that settled, and in the mean time the nice lab girl pulls up her own account and let me use her prints (I'm still not sure how 300+ turned to 4 so fast) and I printed it off.  But by this point it is 1:32, and the toner is practically gone.  I grab my streaky-but-you-can-read-most-of-the-letters-paper and run down the hall and hand it to the teacher saying, "I have the worst luck with your papers." 

On the bright side, I wore my "tube" socks that I picked up in the Heathrow Airport this summer thanks to some quick retail therapy.  I also had to wear my thermals twice this week.  Winter is definitely here.  And Heidi made a gingerbread house.

These are my "tube" socks.


  1. Hahaha! This is SOOO cute :) I love your blog. Super great. :)

  2. LOVE the new heading-thing! Totally approve :)