Monday, December 5, 2011

Here we go. Into the last week of classes.  Here is a little to do list, starting from the week of Thanksgiving:

SME Poster
SME Design Rationale
Zweig Paper (1 1/2 pages)
Editing Semester Portfolio
HIST 4720 Paper (4 pages)
Brit Lit. Paper Revision(5 pages)
Client-Based Final Project (Handbook, 2 brochures, and a poster)
Client-Based Final Project Design Rationale
Client-Based Final Project Presentation
Editing Final Collaboration (a giant document)
Editing Final Collaboration memo
Editing Final Collaboration Presentation
British Literature Final Paper (6 pages)
SME Poster Presentation
HIST 1110 Final
HIST 4720 Final
ENGL 3345 (British Literature) Final-didn't I already write a final paper for this class?

If I can stay focused this will be a piece of cake...right?

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