Monday, December 12, 2011

Make You Feel My Love

So Heidi and I were just yelling at each other, very loudly.  No, it wasn't real, although there was a little of that over the weekend...we don't want to talk about it.  Mostly Heidi just wants me to finish my take-home final and start studying for my final tomorrow so we can play tonight, because she is pretty much done with her finals.  And then she threw an m&m really hard, really close to my head.  It was a peanut m&m too.  Those can be painful.

I think I've hit a wall.  There is absolutely no motivation left in my being.  I have pretty much three more paragraphs to write and I'll be done with the take-home final.  Why in the world can't I finish it!?  It is just not happening.  Well, it will happen before 7 o'clock, because that is the deadline I have made myself.  I took a final this morning, HIST 1110.  It was ok, I even talked to my cute professor after.  I said, "Thank you Dr. (for my own dignity I will keep his name to myself)."  Good, right?  Tomorrow's test will be hell-ish.  I already used up all possible brain capacity on the final paper last week.  Isn't that enough!?

Just think...if I just hurry, push and finish this final, and begin the rest of my studying, tomorrow at this time, I will be finished with finals, for a whole year. Wow, that is crazy.  But then I remembered that wall that is happening, and all I want to be doing right now is watching movies like Midnight in Paris, New Years Eve, We Bought a Zoo, etc.  And watching Friends, with my friends (fun huh?).  Ok Kamille.  You can do this.  Everyone please send positive energy my way, I could definitely use it.

I hope everyone else isn't stuck at this wall, and if you are, I'm glad I am in such good company.


  1. *positive energy vibe* :) There's your positive energy vibe. :) :) p.s. love your blog

  2. This is Mollie Bateman commenting on your blog. And I will send thee most positive energy vibe possible.


    Did you get the vibe yet? If not, I'll send ya some more.


    Hahhahaha ok I'm done now.