Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still Dateless

Me: So, I have three questions for you.
Him: Shoot.
Me: The first one is to avoid potential awkwardness. Are you dating someone?
Him: Um, well, yeah, I am. Can you still ask me the other questions though?
Me: Well, it doesn't even matter anymore.
Him: Next question.
Me: Well, it was if you had plans on Friday. And then if you would come with me to this thing at the Institute I HAVE to go to. But it is really not a big deal.
Him: Aw man. I don't have school on Fridays so I go home and do some work, otherwise I would really, really like to go with you. I am all for those Institute dances.
Me: It's fine, really, it isn't a big deal.
Him: Well can I still drop by this week and hang out.
Me: Sure, that would be fun. (Trying to sound convincing.)

I have now asked 2 people. Yes, 2, and I am still dateless for this stupid dance.

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