Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Hate Mondays, Especially When They Are Tuesdays

Yesterday morning I was sitting on my floor talking to my roommate Torie, waiting to go to school. All I had to do was walk up a flight of stairs and cross the street to the Institute building. It doesn't even take me five minutes. So our friend Megan was coming to pick Torie up, because they have the same class and like to go together. Megan normally parks next to the Institute, so Torie talked me into riding with them, which I was ok with because I wanted to hear the update on Megan's wedding plans, the big day is coming up! So we get in the car and make our way onto the road. Megan immediately heads the wrong direction, AWAY from the Institute. Their class is in the Fine Arts Building, which is at the exact opposite side of campus from where I needed to be. They parked up in the Toaster parking lot, meaning I then had to walk about 3x further than I would have if I had just walked from my house in the first place, and I was late so I missed the opening song played by the great Erin Edwards. Next time, I'll just take the stairs.

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