Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Horrible, Annoying, Terrifying Noise

The day was actually a Saturday night, and the time was somewhere after 3 o'clock a.m. Heidi and myself were awake, not so successfully comforting our friend Becca. We aren't the best when it comes to other people crying, and trying to make them feel better. So of course we were cracking jokes left and right, and in my defense, they were really great, and pertained perfectly to the situation.
So finally we decided we needed to go to bed. We only have one bathroom in our apartment, so it takes awhile for everyone to get ready to sleep. Heidi got in there first, so like always when waiting, I was doing my scripture reading, when I heard this horrible noise. It sounded like an ugly crow falling out of a tree and dying. Then I had to remind myself that one, crows fly and probably wouldn't fall out of a tree, and two, it is winter and most birds have migrated away from the freezing place that is Logan. This noise kept going on and on, and was so weird I thought it was a person outside goofing off at three in the morning, possibly intoxicated.
I then heard my roommate Torie wake up, walk out and begin discussing the possibility of this noise with Becca. We could not get a good view from the windows, and our wee porch light could not reach the scene of the crime. Torie was positive it was a car either dying, or killing something. She wanted to walk outside and see. I felt that was unsafe, HELLO! a pyscho cat could kill her! But I did agree to her opening the front door to look, but I wouldn't let her open the screen door. So she opened it, slightly nervous, and being the mature person I am grabbed her and screamed, making her scream, making Becca, who was looking out the window, scream, and making Heidi in the bathroom scream. But anyway, we could not see what was going on.
The next morning after church we walked around the yard looking for evidence. All we found was a bad smell, and a patch of the grass covered in dirt as if something had been digging there, or Heidi was convinced a cat had killed a poor mouse or something.
Then last night Madeline came home from from dinner with her friends and exclaimed to us that a house cat of unusually large size had been sitting near our steps but ran away. Me, Heidi, and Torie immediately pulled ourselves away from our thrilling TV show and ran to window, yelling out questions to Mad.
We could not find the cat. But I will tell you this, we will find the perpetrator of that horrible noise.

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