Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Rhythm & Blues Revue

Remember how I have a crush on one of my professors? Well, today in his class we talked about the 1960s in Europe. As we all know, the 1960s was a different era, it was the first era without any major wars for like 150 years, and it was also the era of the baby boomers and hippies.  So then he goes into this whole schpeel (have you ever actually tried to spell that word?) about how the hippies and that generation wanted to save the world.   How they thought they could really make a difference.  How they pushed all types of social norms with their self-expression.  How they protested all sorts of things.

The whole time he was talking about this, I kept wanting to leap up, and I seriously mean leap up and belt "WE ARE THE WORLD, we are the children." And then I had this fabulous day dream of the rest of the class joining in with me, and showing Dr. Clybor that we really could save the world, we really could make a difference.

And then I realized that that song was written in the eighties, by some of those hippie's children. And class was over.

If you don't know what I am taking about, which you all should if you have any type of respect for pop culture, this will help you:

I also have a very important question...Cyndi? Or Celine?
(If you don't have an immediate answer, watch THIS and let me know.)

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  1. Ummm Kamille. LOVE YOU! And I'm commenting.... Would it be creepy to see a picture of this professor of yours? Or give me a link to do a lil stalk-age?