Friday, November 18, 2011

The Big Sleep No More

Me: Are you good with indesign??
Amanda: No! idk it at all sorry. i know illustrator though. i don't think its very do you want to go to breaking dawn thursday night?
Me: No to the breaking dawn. But. What is your schedule for the rest of the day? I could really use your illustrator skills. Like really. haha
Amanda: haha k i have work until 8 and then i was doing hw. We could meet at el librario (I feel like she made that word up possibly)?
Me: Yes! Could we use your computer. I'm sorry. Also. I can compensate you. JB's christmas album? do you have it?
Amanda: Hahaha no! thats great compensation....yes we can...ill meet you there around 8 30? ohh and you should come to breaking dawn with me
Me: 830ish, with cd in hand!!

Moral of this week: a little Bieber can go a long way. I got my poster done days early, and after an hour and a half with Amanda cut my stress level down. A ton.

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