Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brain Doe

     Today we had someone from the London Stage something or other come and do a little workshop with us in my British Literature class.  As I was standing with everyone else reading Beckett's Krapp's Tapes, listening to that beautiful British accent, I thought to myself, it's about time for me to go to London again.  I looked down at my lingering chaco line and remembered that I spent a day there this summer, but a day was not long enough.
     My parents have been out of town, so my sisters have been coming to me with their very important decisions.  One of which, is what program one sister should choose for her study abroad plans in London this summer.  Which kind of made me jealous.  But then I remembered I'm about to move to Taiwan for 6 months. And then I looked at pictures of Taiwan on Pinterest.  And then I was a little excited.  But still, London might be my top choice in a split-second decision. I just love it there. So here are some pictures from my last few visits.

Maybe this is EXACTLY where Kate Middleton walked.

Favorite napping location on the European continent. Hyde Park.

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