Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joy To The World

Yesterday morning as I walked to school I was listening to my 2004 playlist...great year for music. Seriously. And Toxic came on.  I was loving it, maybe too much.  There are some stairs that cut up to campus, once up the stairs there is a little alley beside the SigEp house.  You don't understand how badly I wanted to dance my way down that sidewalk. But I was well aware of the people walking behind me, and all the people that could be in front of me, and it took pretty much all the self-restraint I possessed to not dance.

Also last night for IWA we had pretty much the greatest activity ever.  We had this cute old man come and do some science experiments with us.  He was funny, he was adorable, we laughed our heads off.  I had to go up and whistle with him (I'm a fabulous whistler).  It was all topped off with a trip to Taco Tuesday with some IWA buds. Wow. (that was for you Erin)

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