Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let's Stop Calling it Love

As I lay in bed here on this snowy Logan Saturday morning, I can't help but think about why I loved them so much last year.  And this is why.

We would all mosey out of bed. Grab our favorite cereal, and head to the couch. Then we would turn on the tv, and start to flip through the channels. Usually we ended up on the VH1 countdown. One by one we would finish our breakfast, and take turns showering. Then we usually just did our own things all day. But it was so fun and relaxing to sit in our jammies, eating cereal, critiquing the videos, and laughing.

This doesn't happen anymore, mostly because we don't have a tv. And also because it is just Heidi and me, and this is maybe my second Saturday in Logan this semester. But good news, I think the sister and I are gonna hit up HP7.2 in the dollar theater today before the boy who lived leaves the movie theaters forever.

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