Monday, May 16, 2011

Never Say Never

Yesterday we went to church in Mukono, which is about a half hour away by taxi. It was so awesome. I loved it. We stayed after for two baptisms, the poor little missionary from California was trying so hard to make it a good experience for the ward members, but there were children running everywhere, and the bishopric was running on Ugandan time (this basically just means late). But it was really, really great. On our way down the street after church I finally found some Nutella-like stuff, it is called Nutcity. Not quite Nutella, but still good. I was in heaven.

Then we got in a taxi to bring us back to Lugazi. First bad sign-some boys came and had to push the van backwards in order to start the engine. And then we were on our way. But it was taking a long time to get to Lugazi because the taxi man would stop at every taxi stop and let more people in! We were pretty much on each other's laps. And then, the tire blew out. We swerved to the side of the road. All day long Kevin kept sticking his head out the window, and Britin kept telling him not to, just like a little mother. So as we are swerving to the side, he sticks out his head, and then the money man slides the side door open, right into Kevin's head. I thought he was gonna loose his head!

Then the driver and the money man tried to change the tire while we were all in the taxi still, they don't even have a jack to lift it up! But then we got out and the driver's friend, in another taxi, came and got us and took us the rest of the way to Lugazi. I never thought we would make it. As we walked back to the house we all bought some fresh chipotte bread (a better version of a tortilla) and bananas, and then we preceded to eat all of our chipotte and bananas with our newly purchased peanut butter and nutcity. And it was the greatest thing ever! We were all blissfully happy, and well fed. Mmmmm. I kinda want some right now.

Also, today some of us were lost in a different district then we usually are in, and it was pouring rain (this was like 4 hours ago and I am still soggy) and we seriously had no idea where we were going. And then I heard some JB, Never Say Never to be exact, so we followed it. And guess what was right around the corner from that beautiful music? Pastor Francis' school, exactly what we were trying to find. It was amazing. Not only that we found the school, but that there are Beliebers here in Uganda.


  1. yay!
    i love this.
    keep the posts coming and add some photos!!

  2. You Would.

    PS- I had lunch with He is We today and a private concert. Jealous. You should be, but you are in Uganda.