Thursday, May 19, 2011


So with our Malaria meds, there is a 5% chance you can still get Malaria. You may think that is slim, but really, it can happen. And it is awful. No, no, I do not have Malaria (knock on wood) but one of our country directors does. I feel so, so bad for her.

Lots of people have been kind of sick the last couple days, some food-related, some more flu-ish (fever, chills, achy). Ari had been achy the last couple of days, and since other people were sick (we do live in a tiny apartment[smaller than any I have lived in before, and Merrill Hall was really small] if one person gets sick, the rest of us are bound to get it) she just thought she had kind of the same thing. Until last night.

She took a little nap before dinner, but woke up because she was so cold and so shaky. She came out and talked with the cooks, and Eve told her she should go to the hospital because she thought it was Malaria (everyone thinks everything is Malaria here). But Ari just took some Tylenol and went back to sleep. Our other country director was out of town for the night, so we called him, and he said it was probably Malaria, and then he called Camera.

Camera is our friend, who just happens to be a nurse practitioner. She was just leaving her clinic in a village about an hour and a half away. So she packed up Malaria stuff, and hopped on a boda boda and came right to us. It was so lucky that we had her, because the rest of us couldn't do much, I mean, we're in an African village, and we're not really allowed to leave after dark. haha. But Camera saved the day, well night, and got Ari her meds, and then slept over. She is going to marry our African Martin in September, so we talked to her about all of that, and it was so fun! He's going to the States, and they want to get married in the Salt Lake temple, and since we'll all be home in September, they said we are all invited to their little dinner, and it is going to be so fun!

I really hope I don't get Malaria. I pray that I won't everyday. Really though. But I am comforted by the fact that Camera would immediately come help me. Also, check out THIS BLOG. It is Kirk's, and he uploads pictures because he bought his own internet stick, and uses his own computer. I'm still trying to get him to let me do a blog post from his computer so I can put some of my pictures on...wish me luck.

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