Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're Alright

WARNING: This is a long and sentimental post. With pictures.

Since when did this kid...

get to be so big? AND get his mission call?

Last night that's when.
And he's gonna be awesome in the California Arcadia mission speaking Spanish!

Technically, I only have 2 little sisters, but really, I have 4 little sisters and 3 little brothers, and all of the sudden, we are all growing up. Will got baptized earlier this year, now Kaitlyn and Tanner are graduating, and Tanner is goin on his mission. I can't believe it.

Now, I've always been a little jealous of those two. They are the same age, they go to the same school, they have the same friends, they see each other every day, they're officers together, they went to dances together, they have all these dumb inside jokes, they're always making fun of my dad, they're in classes together, doing the same homework (ok, not really, Tanner is way smart). just isn't fair! I want to be their age too!

Last night when I was walking back to my house from the Johnston home, I realized that through all of our hikes, family vacations, motorcylce rides, Holy Grail watching, ice cream eating, teamgive helping, these two have become some of my best friends (there might be some tearing up happening right now) and I am so proud of what they are doing. I also realized, that as much as I tell myself it is ok, I am really sad that I am going to be missing their graduation. I will always be a little sad that I won't have a picture of the three of us, with them in their caps and gowns. They better be missing me too!

Neither of you will probably read this, but I love you both so much, and I really am proud of you, you have an exciting couple of years ahead of you!

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