Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On Sunday I came across two things I fear. Two things I fear very much-- cows, and crossing the street.

  1. A man named Godfrey was leading us to the Smith's house after church for lunch, and he decided to take the short-cut. So we were walking on this short-cut, which was pretty much a little trail, and all of the sudden, we came across a little herd of bulls. The bulls were not little though. One of the bulls was on the trail directly ahead of us. Godfrey told us to be careful, and then all of the sudden, it was charging at us! Godfrey kicked its head, which oddly enough made it more mad, and started charging harder, and then he grabbed its horns and kicked its face and ribs until it turned and went the other way, and then he threw rocks at the others just to make sure they wouldn't come.
  2. There was sooo much traffic on Sunday because school restarted yesterday, and we had to cross the street like a million times, and almost died at least half of those times. It was terrifying! But one of the times we crossed the street to get to a supermarket that had real Nutella, so that time was worth it. But I should have bought more.
All is well here in Uganda. There are some chickens in our kitchen right now, I'm pretty sure I know what's for dinner tonight...

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