Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in the MTC {Week 6}

December 26, 2012

They surprised the Missionaries on Christmas at the MTC  that they would be able to email their families, so we were able to chat back and forth with Kamille for a few minutes on Christmas morning. It was great to have an almost direct conversation from her! She said Christmas was good, but weird.  And all she was eating for dinner was Dorito's.

Here is her regular email of the week:
I'm nervous for class tonight, because I really haven't spoken any Finnish since about Saturday, nope, not even then, that was an off day for Sisar Clifford. So hopefully I'll remember something. So, I am still sick, again. I am probably going to make ANOTHER trip to the health center today and demand a Z-Pak. No more of this whimpy allergy medicine or amoxicillion they keep giving me. On Monday I took a four hour nap, and it was amazing. I felt terrible. I really hope that I don't have mono again. One of the elders in my class was diagnosed with mono the first week here, I told him that if I got it again I would probably kill him. And we all know that I don't want to that.
I can't really think of anything to say, except for that as of today, I am half-way through my MTC stay. Next week we get our baby Fins. Three elders and FIVE sisters. They usually only have one or maybe two sisters in a class before, they've never had FIVE! And from the looks of it, that number is just going to keep growing. They haven't had any sisters here for a few months. It is going to get crazy. They are changing all the buildings. Offices into classrooms, classrooms into dorms for sisters. Sticking extra bunks into rooms. They are also probably going to expand the MTC onto BYU campus, now that the freshman class will be so low, they will use classrooms and dorm rooms. Which kind of all makes sense.
We watched It's a Wonderful Life last night which was great and terrible all at the same time. I was so happy that we got to watch it, but then I forgot I was at the MTC and reality hit me hard as we were walking back to our rooms. I was not happy about being here. On Christmas Eve we watched A Christmas Carol, which was just weird. It was kind of culture shock to watch something besides the Testament or the Jospeh Smith movie, or Mormon Messages. Yesterday we had two speakers, Elder Nelson, and Greg Olson. Both were great. I didn't bring my notebook, and due to my illness I can't really remember what they talked about. But I do remember that I sang in the choir and the songs were really beautiful.
Actually, I remember something funny, yesterday there was a talent show and two elders got up to perform a song on the guitar and ukelele and sang to it. They wrote it themselves, but I'm confused as to when they had time to write a song. We were all thinking this, and one of my Elders was like, "Wait, how do they have time to write a song? What language are they learning, Spanish?" And there were a whole bunch of Spanish missionaries in front of us, and then a whole bunch of Russian missionaries next to us, and the Spanish were all offended, and the Russians thought it was hilarious. Because we literally have no time to even think about anything, let alone write a song! And also, I'm still very sick of, "OH! I heard that was the hardest language to learn? Is it hard? Why is it hard? Can you say something in Finnish for me?" We get that all day long, in the bathroom, in line at the cafeteria, waiting for a fireside or devotional, in gym, ALL THE TIME!
Mary Ann Hammon came in last week, and I've seen her a whole bunch, which has been so great! This week has been weird because of the holiday, and we've only had one teacher for like a week, and the rest of this week instead of all three. It may take awhile to get back into the swing of things, but I hope that it is sooner rather than later.
 ok, I'm out of time. peace.

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