Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kirroko on Totta! {Week 5}

You are now reading an email from the only sister currently in branch 57 of the MTC. Yep. I'm just that cool.

The gift of tongues is real! And the church is true! this week was a very great week. It all started as I moved my things into the better building which is 17M. Well, ok, first it wasn't so great, I had been feeling quite sick all week and on Friday my teacher MADE me go to the doctor. But it was all good, they finally gave me antibiotics, and so far everything has been good. Antibiotics are a rare thing here in the MTC. You almost have to beg for them. But all is well. Friday morning during class we had some time where the teacher wanted to work with some of us. I had been sick for a grammar lesson, and had also missed one due to my coordinating sister duties, so obviously it was my turn. Actually, it pretty much always is my turn with every teacher because I'm the slowest in my class. It's fine. Continue reading.

During this time he wanted me to just speak Finnish, and not worry about all the cases, and the grammar of everything. I was so nervous, I pretty much started crying, but I tried it. And guess what? I had an actual conversation in Finnish...for 20 minutes. And I only used a few English words. I couldn't believe that I was actually capable of that. He told me that even though the Elders all speak way more than I do, I make less mistakes, and actually make a lot more sense when I speak. That was a great thing, which turned into me teaching whole lessons without  notes, or a script like I usually do. On Monday Veli Peterson gave us another grammar lesson. I was deemed winner. We usually don't have a winner, but I had finished the practice sentences second, and usually I am last. And I had them all correct. It was amazing. The gift of tongues is crazy. Because I can speak and write this language, but I have no idea how any of it works.

Kaitlyn asked me if I have to teach lessons in Finnish yet. The answer to this is yes. We started teaching full lessons in Finnish on November 16. If you can't remember when I got here, I will remind you. I got here on the 14th.

This week we have had amazing speakers come speak to us. On Sunday Sister Dalton spoke in Relief Society. It was amazing. She said some great things, that I think almost every single sister needed to hear. One thing that she said was that in April, they will have 2,000 sisters in the MTC. That is pretty much how many people are here now. Can you imagine? She also talked about the timing of missions in our lives, and why we are here right now, before the age change. We are here to be mentors, and trainers, and examples to all of these 19 year old sisters. It was awesome. She gave me so much hope and confidence as a missionary. I can't wait to get to Finland. there are so many things that I will be able to do! Last night we had one of the seventy talk to us. That was really great also. He said that this is a spiritual adventure. And he gave us a tag line, "see what God can do through you." It was really great, I have learned so much this week.

Our papa Fins, and the Estonian Elders left on Monday. Well, Elder Hill left last Wednesday to go home, but he'll head straight to Estonia in a few weeks. But I have missed them so much. The last week we had all become such great friends. And everyone else left as well. Like all the sisters in my branch. And other English speaking friends I had made. It's a bummer. And it's going to happen like two more times. Dang. We are getting 22 new missionaries in our branch today, three of them are sisters. I can't wait to meet them and welcome them here tonight. I enjoy that part of my calling, as long as the Elders listen when I talk. Last week that didn't happen and the papa Fins totally yelled at them and talked about respecting the sisters. Oh man, I miss them. Darn.

Well, since it is Christmas, and I assume that everyone is really wondering what I want them to send me, I thought I would include a little list.
-Somehow on Monday my green-ish tights tore. And I was really bummed. So maybe some new colored tights would be good. And that color especially.
-I would love a beautiful colored cardigan. I am lacking in color. But even if you just take one out of my closet, that would be fine too.
-I would really like a photo album. And maybe you could fill it with photographs of my previous life. Like of friends, and family, and I don't know, things I've done. Just hop on that hard drive and check it out.

This week I decided that I love Finnish. I hated it up until like yesterday. It is such a beautiful language, even if it sounds like jibberish. I'm so glad that this love happened. It makes my life so much easier. I'm so happy! This week was so great, and I'm so excited for Christmas.

Hyva Joulu!

-Sisar Clifford

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