Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! {Week 7}

January 2, 2013 

The MTC is quite the happenin' place. We brought in the new year with some strange flu. The last day and a half have been the closet thing to a zombie apocolypse I hope to ever encounter. People are dropping like flies. They keep making announcements, people are throwing up everywhere, you can only leave your room if you are well, they are canceling things right and left, calling in more doctors and cleaning crews, delivering water bottles, gaterade, and sack lunches (which consist of jell-o, a banana, and some packets of saltines) to the afflicted. There is also a strict no hugging, no handshaking, no breathing on other people policy, because it is spreading so fast. It's kind of crazy. They think it started with food poisoning, because the people who got it Monday are way worse off then the people who are getting it today...they don't have to go to the hospital.

I have a new companion now, Motra Flores. She was supposed to leave at 4 am on Tuesday for Albania, but was stricken with the plague and has to stay here for about a week. Which I'm actually pretty glad because all of the Hungarians started consecration week today, so at least now I have someone to speak English with. And also I've been sleeping, A LOT, so they put all the sickos together I guess.

I have now had enough visits to the doctor to warrant my own chart. And there are definitely more in the future, the first of which is on Tuesday. I went today and they took a lot of blood for a bunch of different tests, so Tuesday they will give me the results. And they have taken me off of the other prescriptions, so we'll see how it goes. This is how the end of the appointment went down, "Hey Dr. Brown, so this thing, this won't progress too bad that I won't be able to go to Finland right?" "Well Sister Clifford, hopefully we can avoid that." You can all think what you'd like...luckily there is another month for me to hopefully get better.

I've been trying to narrow down all the hilarious happenings of class, and I think I picked out the best one for the time I was in class this week. Last week we only had one of our teachers the WHOLE week. He likes to give us all types of rules, and we always feel like we have to follow them. So whether this rule is an actual Finnish principle, or a Veli Mock rule, I'm unsure. But our favorite verb is "rakastaa," which means to love. We rakastaa everything, chocolate milk, doughnuts, mail, each other, everything. So the other day in class he told us that we could no longer rakastaa anything that couldn't hug us back. Which led to the discussion of whether or not we could rakastaa a dog. To which, he said no.

The next day, Veli Mock started to talk to me about my namesake, the big red dog. He said he has been holding it in for the last month and a half and felt like we were good enough friends that we could talk about it now. So he starts talking about the books, and then says "Mina rakastan Clifford." To which the Elders freak out, because clearly, you can not rakastaa a dog. So then they are all arguing (this happens in the Finnish language, mind you. Ok, what we like to call Finglish) and then he says that he can for sure rakastaa Clifford the Big Red Dog. Then he also rakastaa-d Sisar Clifford. This was the response, "BUT SISTER CLIFFORD CAN'T HUG YOU BACK." We are so clever here in Suomi.

Other than that, I haven't really left my room, so nothing major to report. I do have some requests
-can you get me some new head nozzle things for my camel back water bottle?
-i need some updates, there was a request for katy perry and john mayer. I am personally very interested in swifty/styles
-maybe like in a week when i feel like eating you could send some brownies fantastico my way.

OH! I was looking out my window today and just happened to see the Coles dropping off Christine. I tried yelling to Kelsey, but she couldn't hear me. Our baby Fins came today! I met some of the sisters, and I am very excited to have more girls around!

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