Monday, December 17, 2012

One Month?! {Week 4}

This week started off not so great...I was sick on Monday, and after some coaxing (and help from my Elders) got one of my companions to go back to the room with me to sleep. Tuesday started in a similar fashion, but after a strange turn of events led to an afternoon of greatness!
My companions left this morning, I was put in the strange sitaution of finding new companions. My branch president was going to have me move down the hall with some other English speaking sisters in my branch. But then, I would have to move next week when they left. And then again two weeks later when those sisters left. Which I decided would be ok, even though it would be a pain. I went to the scheduling office to ask about rooms, and they gave me two options that they really wanted me to think about. Option one was what I mentioned before, option two was moving to a different residence hall and be with other language sisters for the rest of my time at the MTC. I definitely wanted the second option, but I didn't want to be selfish either. I thought about it for the next few hours, and also called the branch president to ask his thoughts on it, because I would be in a different building than the sisters in my branch, and it would make my calling a little difficult. I told him the two options, and left my opinion out of it. He told me that he felt like the second option would make a lot more sense.
I was glad he felt that way. Remember how I said I had made friends with the Hungarian sisters down the hall in the obscure language hall? Well, those are my new companions! I'm so excited, and so grateful for this. My elders will no longer have to pick me up and walk me home. These sisters will be my companions until January 14 when they leave, which is only really like two weeks before me. And in January when all the new Finnish sisters (there are five, and one Estonian) come, they are going to put some in our room, and the rest in our same hall, and then I'll be companions with them until I leave.
Every part of this situation makes more sense. And I feel so good about it, as does President Hickin, and the scheduling lady, because she told me like four times. I did not have the best experience with my other companions, but learned a lot. All day yesterday after making the arrangments I was filled with so much hope, things are starting to fall into place here in the compound.
After lunch was gym time, where I immediately ran to the four square court to tell Chamberlain Nover and Burdick Nover the good news. To which there was much rejoicing. Not just from the three of us, but the other two Hungarian sisters, the three Albanian sisters, all of my elders (papa fins and estonians included) and the hungarian elders. After which I played some decent basketball and then played awesome four square and finished gym time with Elder Peek in the king square! It was amazing. Then, at dinner, they had my favorite salad.
I'm am so exicted about it, that's all I talked about with all of the elders last night, and they are also very excited for me. I even overheard Elder Bunker who pretends like he doesn't care about me tell Elder Hill how excited he was for me because he knew that I had been having a hard time. And the elders are also excited because they are cool girls and more like me. Oh, isn't nice to be loved?
The Papa Finns and Estonians leave on Monday, and I'm already depressed. I am going to miss them so much. It is cruel how they force you into these places with so many new people, and then you fall in love (in a very friendly, missionary appropriate way of course) and then they leave you. It's horrible.
I'm so excited for Christmas, it is going to be amazing! I hope you are all doing well, and did not fall asleep during my amazing story. It is a Christmas miracle, and I am so grateful and feel very blessed. Strange how just getting new companions can bring on so many emotions. Mui mui!
Sisar Clifford

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