Friday, May 18, 2012

More of You

This end-of-school-beginning-of-summer time always makes me crave London. Maybe because the three times I've been have either been within 60 hours of the last day of school, or actually during the last day of school. Especially all of this Queen's Jubilee talk, 10 years ago from next week we accidentally attended her Golden Jubilee. Best. Thing. Ever.
Even when Maddy threw up in the middle of the Piccadilly Circus T.I.G.Fridays in front of hundreds of celebration goers and messed up her beautifully butterfly-painted face from Harrods. Which is what that little  7-year-old was most upset about.

Oh how yummy does Pret-A-Manger sound right now? Or a nap in Hyde Park? Harry Potter? What about a stroll through Nottingham? Or around Kensington Gardens? A simple ride on The Tube? Shopping in Chelsea? Or people watching along the Thames? A Cadbury bar?

Don't even get me started on the Olympics.


  1. London is at the very top of my "Must Travel" list. Everything you mentioned sounds pretty perfect right now!

  2. i love love love london, i have a photo just like yours inside the london eye with big ben in the background :) i was there during the queen's jubilee and they had the coolest fighter jets putting on a big show, it was amazing!