Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Die In Your Arms

Today was our last day at the University. The students planned a little party for us, many games and taste testing included. It was so fun. They are great kids, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to help them improve their English...and corrupt their minds of what American culture really is like.

Two GREAT items of business today:
1. The body of the spider was found. How it died, I am unsure. But I am definitely pleased and able to teach without looking to that corner of the room every five seconds.
2. The cute pregnant lady from the juice stand at the night market was back at work tonight! When she saw me she got so smiley and pointed to her no longer pregnant belly indicating she had had her baby. So then I asked the boss if she had a picture of the baby that I could see. He pointed to some that had been placed on the wall since the last time I'd been there (last Friday-gasp!) and then he started to ask if the baby looked more like him, or more like her. And then it hit me. They're married! Ashley and I were slightly overjoyed. Ok, I guess that was three items of greatness.

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