Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cherokee Rose

Merry Cinco de Mayo everyone! If you weren't aware, today was my favorite holiday. As much as I wish I could be at home celebrating with my sisters, wearing our sombreros, speaking our limited, very limited Spanish, making my mother either cook us Mexican food, or buy some for us. And being annoying all at the same time. I'm not home, I'm in Taiwan. We spent our morning at a wedding, which was so "Asian," I loved it. Including the dress change, and heart shaped balloons. We then headed to Country Mother's for a burrito. Yes, you read that, burrito. The missionaries have been telling us to go there since day one, about a month ago we finally found its location, and have hit it up numerous times. Apple crisp? Salad? American food? You betcha, dream come true. There's been a lot of that lately, but what wasn't a dream come true was spending the rest of the day in bed trying to make this cold go away. My lack of an immune system does not do well when all of these kids get sick.

Maybe we even accidentally matched today...

And good luck to my dad today competing in the St. George IronMan! I hate biking to the store here, let alone swimming 2.4 miles, then riding 112, and then running a marathon. Sheesh.

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  1. Cute yellow dress! The food you found looks delicious. I hope you feel better!