Monday, April 9, 2012

Mountain Sound

I'd like to tell everyone that we had a successful Tomb Sweeping Day last Wednesday. Aaron and Michael came for the day, and of course we had to hit up Taroko again. But this time with awesome tour guides! And on bicycles. (Don't worry, we were able to rent some fully functioning bikes, unlike the ones we use every other day. The brakes actually work.)

Maybe I stole this from Aaron. It was just too great not to include.
Now, you may be confused on how we became friends with these two young lads, "I thought your only friends were the missionaries and those two girls who lead you into the woods." Well, see, Aaron and Michael teach with the same program as Natalie and Lauren do, but we did not meet them through that connection. While walking through the streets of Pingxi I recognized them from photos I came across in my Facebook stalking. So obviously, I ran down the street after them, with Ashley running behind me in confusion. And I said, "Excuse me, is your name Aaron?" And that is how we became friends with them. In case you were wondering. Doesn't everyone run after people they recognize from their Facebook stalking? I know you all do the stalking, why not just put it out there?