Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simple Song

Lucky for us the new Elder that joined us this transfer will translate for us during church, we know what is going on again! Well, for the most part. It always makes for an interesting experience.

Yesterday the Branch President was telling about his conversion story, in which his job played a big part of.

Elder: So then he came back for his ding-dong.
Elder: And he was looking for his ding-dong.
Elder: And something else about his ding-dong. I have no idea what this ding-dong is that he is talking about, but it is the only thing it can mean!
Taiwanese Sister: That word means animate.
Me to Ashley: Animation?
Elder: He is still talking about his ding-dong.
Taiwanese Sister: Animate in Japan.
Me to Ashley and the Elder: Japanese animation?
Taiwanese Sister: Like Spongebob in Japan.
Me (completely confused) to Ashley and the Elder: The Japanese Spongebob? Oh. A cartoon in Japan?
Elder: Yeah, that makes sense. But I still have no idea what his job is.

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