Monday, April 2, 2012

I Would Do Anything for You

For some strange reason whenever we are with Natalie and Lauren we end up walking up some windy road that leads to an unknown destination. While on these roads we seem to find these trails that branch off from the main windy road. So obviously we must see where they lead to.

Our first foray through the woods was in Kenting National Recreation Area, which led us down a cool little trail, that I personally could've walked down for hours...until we unexpectedly heard a growl. And then another. And another. Apparently we were unaware that wild boar roam those same woods.

Two Saturdays ago was no exception. We were on a mountainside in Taipei, just looking for "the tea house." (which turned out to be not one tea house, but seriously a hundred.)  We spotted a cool paved trail that went further up. Soon we found ourselves in the middle of a mountain top neighborhood. With no visible way out. In the picture I am literally standing on someone's "front porch" looking right into three other people's "backyards."

Hopefully there will be more trail adventures coming soon!

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