Friday, January 20, 2012

Whole Made of Pieces

So, if you can recall, we thought we had killed Barty. Oh no, we had not. We opened that cupboard like we were in charge, and there she (yes, Barty was a she, the laying eggs kind of she) was. We sprayed her maybe twice, and she ran to the back of the cupboard. It took us a few days to regain enough courage to remove all the empty bottles and boxes to get back to where she had died. We did all of that last night. While doing this, we found a few cockroach eggs. Google image it. Right now.

This week started out quite rough, but turned out better than I could have hoped. I will leave you with a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. Be prepared for cuteness. These are some of the 5 year olds.

Miss Eva and her Cheetos

Sandy and Claire

Happy Chinese New Year! On Wednesday I will be heading up to Taipei to meet up with a few other teachers for the weekend, and I cannot wait. Mostly to have actual friends here. Hopefully we can start traveling with them, that would be a blast and a half.

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  1. Major cuteness! I'm glad things are going well--I love keeping up with your goings on while we are without you for oh so long!