Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear World, Meet Eddie

Maybe it is the lack of white males here in Taiwan, but we were definitely super lovin' on this model for Burberry in the Taipei 101 mall this past week. As you can see, pictures were taken, and I'll admit that they may be currently used as phone backgrounds, or as something that is viewed often.

Later that day while walking back to our hostel I saw a poster for The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary concert DVD coming out soon. So of course, as is bound to happen with a group of 20-something year-old ladies, we started talking about Les Miserables. We talked about Nick Jonas, and Alfie Boe, how we were ok with Hugh Jackman in the movie, and how Taylor Swift would rise to the occasion if she is cast. And then we were at the hostel and ready for a nap.

A few mornings later I was laying in bed, and I began to wonder if they had actually cast T-Swift or not. Thank goodness for IMDB, I looked that one up real quick. As of now, she has not been cast yet, but the actor for Marius has. And who does it happen to be? None other than our favorite Burberry model! I couldn't even believe it, I hopped out of bed and ran across the hostel to the other room to tell all...and they couldn't believe it either. Their reactions were better than I could have hoped for. There was much rejoicing.

I am writing this post (I was voted best blogger) to announce to the world that we were some of the first to discover Eddie Redmayne. Ok, first meaning after the Burberry people (obviously) and the casting director, and the casting director of My Week with Marylin, and probably most people in Britain. But none-the-less, we have found our dear Eddie. We even decided that this event was blessed enough that we have to gather once again to see the film upon its release. And we sure loved this little surprise here in Asia.

-M Team, OUT!


  1. I know I love Eddie! Don't worry you totally beat BBC to him, he might even mention you in his award acceptances as the people that discovered him :) Seriously though I love your blogs and am not one bit surprised you recieved the award for best blogger! You've got my vote sister

  2. I am counting down the days til Phantom comes out! Next tuesday! I will let you know how it is!